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SimpleREV 2015 Ticket Prices $100 Off

I just noticed that tickets for SimpleREV, the event for “simple living enthusiasts” on October 2–3, 2015 have come down in price by $100 (!). Here’s what the coordinators say the goal of the event is: The goal? Intimate workshops, community-sourced meetups, inspiring REV Talks, and two days of deep connection. Thousands of hugs, smiles, […]

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Solving The Paperless Puzzle

A while ago, Steve Dotto and I did a webinar called Going Paperless With Evernote (you can watch that here). It was so well received, people have been asking us ever since to do another one. Well, Steve has finally talked me into it. We’re getting the band back together and doing another webinar called […]

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The Top 10 Paperless Posts Of 2014

So I’m walking through my neighbourhood forest (this is Canada after all) home from dropping off my kids at school and I’m thinking to myself “I wonder which DocumentSnap posts from 2014 were the most popular?” Then I realized “I don’t need to wonder. I can just look this up.” Isn’t technology wonderful? I know […]

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3 The 2014 Survey Results Are In

At the end of each year I do a survey of DocumentSnap readers just like you. Actually I do two surveys: one for the blog (which you are reading now) and one for readers of the DocumentSnap newsletter. In the surveys, I ask four main questions: What is the biggest problem that you have right […]

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DocumentSnap Blog Survey 2014

Many of the ideas that I write about here on DocumentSnap comes directly from you: the awesome reader. For the fifth (wow) year in a row, I’d like to stop and ask you what you would like to see on DocumentSnap. How can I help more? What would you like to see more of? What […]

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Get Your SimpleREV Tickets While They Last

Back in March I posted about a new conference that had just been announced called SimpleREV. For some weird reason, in the six months since then I have neglected to mention that not only am I now attending, but I’m leading a workshop called Go Paperless: Simplify Your Life, Reduce Clutter, And Find Anything Instantly. […]

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