The Unofficial ScanSnap Setup Guide Fifth Edition Is Here

The Unofficial ScanSnap Setup Guide Fifth Edition Is Here

The short version of this blog post: the Fifth Edition of my Unofficial ScanSnap Setup Guide is now available. This is the Guide that I wanted when I was first going paperless with my ScanSnap.

The long version:

When I was going paperless, I was looking at different scanners and being a bit of a productivity geek, I wanted a scanner that was fast and could support an automated paperless workflow.

In 2008 I bought the Fujitsu ScanSnap S300M, which I couldn’t even find in Vancouver so I had to order it from Toronto (insert Canada joke here).

There were great articles online about how different people were using pieces of the ScanSnap, but nothing that brought everything together into one place.

The manual that comes with the ScanSnap is very… comprehensive, but it is more focused on what each setting or button does. That’s great! But I wanted something more about how people actually use the ScanSnap to get stuff done.

After a lot of testing and optimizing and seeing what works and doesn’t work, I decided to create the resource I wanted and in 2011 I released my very popular Unofficial ScanSnap Setup Guide.

Four editions and five ScanSnaps later, I’m happy to announce that the Fifth Edition of this guide is available today.

By the way, as with all DocumentSnap resources, all updates have been free. People who purchased the Guide in 2011 have been getting free updates ever since.

Here are some of the changes in the Fifth Edition:

  • The examples and screenshots have been re-done with Windows 10.
  • Based on feedback, I’ve restructured some of the sections to make things flow in a more logical sense.
  • I’ve added a “Super ScanSnap Fast Start” section at the beginning so that you can get up and scanning right away and learn extra tricks later.
  • I’ve added a big section about ScanSnap Cloud, which is the ScanSnap’s new feature that lets iX500 and iX100 customers upload directly to the cloud without a computer. (Unfortunately, this feature is only available in North America and Japan at the current time.)
  • Various cleanups and edits too small to mention.

Don’t Have The Guide Yet?

If you own a Fujitsu ScanSnap and need a little extra help, many people have found The Unofficial ScanSnap Setup Guide helpful. Take a look at that page for some comments that people have made about it.

I get feedback every day that the Guide has helped readers get started using their ScanSnap the right way, so perhaps it could help you too.

Already Own The Guide?

You should have received an email with the update, which is free as always.

If you didn’t get one, let me know and I will hook you up.

Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the Fifth Edition.

About the Author

Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless. He's been an accountant, a software developer, a manager in a very large corporation, and has run DocumentSnap since 2008. You can find Brooks on Twitter at @documentsnap or @brooksduncan. Thanks for stopping by.

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Reid Whitsett - November 3, 2016 Reply

I DO NOT WANT ANOTHER CLOUD SERVICE TO MAINTAIN!!! I have 12 Terabytes in my office and 30 gigabytes on Google Apps. This is maniacal first that I would place my data where some day I might not be able to control access, have access, or manage the data is reprehensible to me! The fact that everyone and their mother has a cloud service that is here today and gone tomorrow makes little sense to me why I would even consider such an insane strategy. in controlled amounts shared cloud space makes sense! Asa platform for data storage you folks are inconsiderate and only complicating the lives of me and my clients. Software management is difficult enough without worrying which service I put my information on and whether I can access it please stop with the cloud solutions! I encourage my clients to maintain their data locally except when they need to have access from a different location. Then only place what you need ot access on the cloud!

Scanning yes cloud NO!

    Brooks Duncan - November 3, 2016 Reply

    I’m not sure what cloud service you’re referring to here (ScanSnap Cloud? It’s not a cloud service, it’s a feature that allows you to upload to, for example, Google Apps) and who “you folks” are (Fujitsu?).

    There’s a pretty simple solution – if you don’t like a cloud service, don’t use it.

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