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28 ScanSnap iX500 Neat

ScanSnap’s new partner is… Neat?

In the consumer paperless space, there were two main players for going paperless. There’s the ScanSnap, the scanner that I have been using since 2008, and there was their main rival (at least from my perspective), the Neat line of scanners. It was funny when I would go to tech conferences or professional organizer conferences, […]

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43 ScanSnap Sierra

ScanSnap on Sierra – Your Experience?

The latest Mac operating system, macOS 10.12 Sierra, is out on September 20. How does the Fujitsu ScanSnap work with it? Are there any ScanSnap Sierra issues? Whenever a new Mac OS is released there are often a few bumps here and there, but this time there are some warnings from Fujitsu. Update 10/06/2016: Fujitsu […]

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1 ScanSnap Cloud Purple Light

Scan To Box With A ScanSnap – 2 Easy Options

If you’re not familar, is an online file storage service. It’s especially popular with businesses. Until recently, there haven’t been great options to scan to Box. You were more or less limited to “scan to a computer or network, then upload the files in a web browser”. Thankfully, Fujitsu has released its first update […]

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