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7 Reduce File Size Vise

Reduce PDF File Size With Ghostscript

I’m going to be honest. I don’t worry too much about PDF file size. Storage (both local and online) is relatively cheap. However, sometimes people will ask me how to reduce PDF file size, so it’s clearly a topic of interest. There are many solutions out there, but over on the Asian Efficiency Dojo, user […]

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28 ScanSnap iX500 Neat

ScanSnap’s new partner is… Neat?

In the consumer paperless space, there were two main players for going paperless. There’s the ScanSnap, the scanner that I have been using since 2008, and there was their main rival (at least from my perspective), the Neat line of scanners. It was funny when I would go to tech conferences or professional organizer conferences, […]

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How I Manage My Life Without Paper

A while ago, there was a great suggestion from an awesome reader: I'm interested in how you and other people manage their lives, their tasks, priorities, documents, to-do lists, and everything that goes with it. I first came to DocumentSnap for help on making my world paperless. With your guidance I've made good progress but […]

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1 Mac Power Users

Good Podcast Paperless Discussion

There is a good discussion of paperless workflows in Mac Power Users 411: 2017: A Pretty Good Year that was posted at the end of (surprise!) 2017. As we wrap up 2017 we take a look back at the workflows that worked for us in 2017 including paperless practice, writing workflows, cloud storage, hiring help […]

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10 Flood on a rock

Ignore The Rule Of 321 At Your Peril

Recently on the DocumentSnap newsletter I wrote about an important concept in protecting your paperless documents: The Rule of 321. The general concept is that you want your data in as many places as possible: Have at least 3 copies of your data – In other words, have your original PDFs (1 copy) and 2 […]

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Introducing the Paperless Genealogy Guide (New collaboration!)

I’m writing this from Salt Lake City, Utah where I am about to speak at the much-bigger-and-awesomer-than-I-even-expected RootsTech genealogy technology conference. Paperless is a big topic in genealogy, and over the years I’ve had many genealogy enthusiasts visit DocumentSnap. I’ve had a few blog posts on the subject going back to 2011, but I’ve never […]

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