Solving The Paperless Puzzle

Solving The Paperless Puzzle

A while ago, Steve Dotto and I did a webinar called Going Paperless With Evernote (you can watch that here). It was so well received, people have been asking us ever since to do another one.

Well, Steve has finally talked me into it. We’re getting the band back together and doing another webinar called Solving the Paperless Puzzle. We’ll be doing it four times:

  • May 26 11AM PDT
  • May 27 1PM PDT
  • May 28 10AM PDT
  • May 30 10AM PDT

Click Here to Register.

I realize that that time won’t work for many of you but if you register anyways, Steve will send out the recording right afterwards.

Here’s what to expect:

Steve and I have put together a webinar that explains the concepts and philosophies behind the paperless office. We talk about the tools you need, what to do to get prepared, and how to get started.

Like the Evernote webinar, Solving the Paperless Puzzle is completely free and will be packed full of useful information.

“But wait, there’s more!”

Steve and I have co-developed a new course called Paperless Office Made Easy, and you will be able to benefit from a special Launch offer that we will be announcing at the end of the webinar.

I’m really excited about the course and the webinar too.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Here’s the registration link again.

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Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless. He's been an accountant, a software developer, a manager in a very large corporation, and has run DocumentSnap since 2008. You can find Brooks on Twitter at @documentsnap or @brooksduncan. Thanks for stopping by.

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Lori Benefiel - May 27, 2015 Reply

I’ve registered for the Webinar today, but I haven’t gotten any emails about it. How do I connect to it??

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