The Top 10 Paperless Posts Of 2014

The Top 10 Paperless Posts Of 2014

Popular On The InternetSo I’m walking through my neighbourhood forest (this is Canada after all) home from dropping off my kids at school and I’m thinking to myself “I wonder which DocumentSnap posts from 2014 were the most popular?”

Then I realized “I don’t need to wonder. I can just look this up.” Isn’t technology wonderful?

I know you were wondering this as well, so here you go – the top 10 most popular blog posts on DocumentSnap from 2014:

  1. Your Top Going Paperless Products Of 2013
  2. ScanSnap On Yosemite – Your Experience?
  3. How To Rename PDFs in iBooks for iPad
  4. How To Move Evernote Database To A New Computer
  5. Organize Electronic Files The National Archives Way
  6. How To Automate Evernote
  7. Asian Efficiency Productivity Blueprint Review
  8. Wipebook Review
  9. EagleFiler Is A Great Mac App For Going Paperless
  10. Nitro Pro 9 Review – Windows PDF Productivity

In case this isn’t enough for you, here are the top 10 DocumentSnap blog posts of all time (while typing that, I said it out loud in a radio DJ voice):

  1. How To Split PDF Documents Into Single Pages Using Mac OSX
  2. How To Fix PDF Search In Windows 7 and Windows 8 64-Bit
  3. How To Export Your Data Out Of Evernote
  4. Acrobat Dynamic Stamps
  5. Summarize Text Using Mac OSX Summarize Or Microsoft Word AutoSummarize
  6. ScanSnap iX500 Now Supports Wireless Scanning To A Computer
  7. My Thoughts On The ScanSnap Evernote Edition
  8. How To Combine PDF Files in Mac OSX Using Automator To Make A Service
  9. Easily Split PDF Pages Using OSX Preview
  10. ScanSnap and Hazel Is A Match Made In Paperless Heaven

There. Now I can get on with the rest of my day.

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