The 2014 Survey Results Are In

The 2014 Survey Results Are In

Suggestion BoxAt the end of each year I do a survey of DocumentSnap readers just like you. Actually I do two surveys: one for the blog (which you are reading now) and one for readers of the DocumentSnap newsletter.

In the surveys, I ask four main questions:

  1. What is the biggest problem that you have right now with going paperless?
  2. What would you like to see more of on the blog or newsletter?
  3. What would you like to see less of on the blog or newsletter?
  4. What platform are you using?

For fun, I ask a few other questions like which scanner do you use (not surprisingly, 75% use a ScanSnap followed by 8% using an HP All-In-One and 3% using a Canon).

I also ask which other websites and podcasts people like. I can tell you that Asian Efficiency, Steve Dotto, MacSparky, Productivityist, Mac Power Users, and Eastman’s Genealogy Online are hits in the DocumentSnap audience.

For the newsletter, I am flattered that 78% of respondents read every email I send out (thank you!) and 21% of you read it once in a while if the subject is interesting.

79% of newsletter readers are happy with it coming out every two weeks, and 13% of you would like it to come out even more often! This shows that I have the most awesome newsletter readers in the world, so thank you for that.

If you’re not already on the newsletter and are interested in seeing what it’s like, you can click here.

I like sharing these results with you for two reasons:

  1. Since you took the time to answer the questions, it is only fair that you get to see the results.
  2. I want to make sure that you know that whatever challenges you are having, you are not alone. Even if you don’t see your particular issue on this list, I guarantee that there are at least a few others that responded the same way.

Let’s get started.

Which Platform Are You Using?

Blog PlatformNewsletter Platform

I was a little surprised to see Windows take a lead in the newsletter this year, but as usual things are pretty even. I try my best to keep things balanced content-wise, but if you have suggestions on things you’d like covered please let me know.

What Is Your Biggest Problem With Going Paperless?

Blog Biggest ProblemNewsletter Biggest Problem

Organization is always the biggest problem that you have, and this year is no exception for newsletter readers. This is why I created the Paperless Document Organization Guide.

Backlog, Finding The Time, and Getting Started continued to be big topics. Interesting that Handwriting has started to make an appearance. Judging by my survey responses, more of you are wanting to digitize notes that you’re taking on physical paper (smart move).

What Would You Like To See More Of?

Blog See More OfNewsletter See More Of

On the newsletters, there’s a demand for more tips on organization (I hear you loud and clear!), and the ever-present demand for Evernote tips. The Blog didn’t have much in the way of “More” requests. Respondents for the most part said they were happy with how things are, but I see “Handwriting” has popped up again.

What Would You Like To See Less Of?

There were very few responses in the “Less Of” category (thank you!). Not surprisingly, some Mac users would like to see less Windows posts and some Windows users would like to see less Mac posts.

I try to keep things as balanced as possible, but if you feel things are tilted too far one way or the other, feel free to let me know. I would especially love reader suggestions for Windows topics. I just picked up a Windows 8 machine so I am diving deep in that world.

2015 And Beyond

Thanks to all of you for your tips, suggestions, and questions through 2014. The blog and newsletter would not be what it is without you. I hope you’ve found this little glimpse behind the DocumentSnap curtain interesting.

If you have anything you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment or hit me up any time. Have a great and paperless 2015!

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About the Author

Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless. He's been an accountant, a software developer, a manager in a very large corporation, and has run DocumentSnap since 2008. You can find Brooks on Twitter at @documentsnap or @brooksduncan. Thanks for stopping by.

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Catherine Scott - January 22, 2015 Reply

Thanks for your help. I’ve been using Preview for years and will give PDFpen a try.

Catherine Scott - January 21, 2015 Reply

Have been enjoying your newsletter. It is short, snappy and positive. I am a MAC user having trouble figuring out if I can substitute for the Windows Adobe Acrobat bundled with the ScanSnap I bought last week. I asked on the Adobe site and was told that there is no MAC version of Acrobat XI Standard. Is that still true?

    Brooks Duncan - January 21, 2015 Reply

    There is no Mac Acrobat XI Standard as far as I know. Only Professional. The iX500 comes with Abbyy FineReader Express for Mac but that’s not quite the same thing.

    To be honest, on the Mac you can do much of what Acrobat does just with the built-in Preview. For everything else, there’s PDFpen ( which is also great and much cheaper than Acrobat.

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