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5 Evernote Premium Users: Share Notebooks With Non-Premium Users

Evernote is a great way to store information for your own reference, but it becomes even more powerful when you use it to share with others. Sharing is easy to do, but it becomes slightly complicated because there are different types of Evernote accounts: Free: Self-explanatory. Premium: Additional storage, sharing ability, and other features. $5 […]

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7 How To Automate Evernote

A few weeks ago, a gentleman named Kosio Angelov contacted me about a new book he has released that takes you through how to “automate Evernote, save boat loads of time, and make your life easier and more organized”. Nothing like a modest claim. On the flight down to Macworld I finally had to read […]

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2 Evernote Descriptive Search

I am a heavy Evernote user, and my primary way to find the note or document that I am looking for is to use the software’s search functionality. It has always worked very well, but the syntax has always been slightly arcane. If you knew the magic words you could get what you were looking […]

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1 Fix For ScanSnap Evernote Failed to start up Evernote for Mac Message

At the moment, a number of people are having problems using the Fujitsu ScanSnap’s built-in “Scan To Evernote (Document)” functionality. I’ve received many emails, the forums have a number of complaints, and the people who are hit by the issue are getting the following error message: Scan To Evernote (Document) Failed to start up Evernote […]

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