Saving Money And Consolidating With Evernote

Saving Money And Consolidating With Evernote

Evernote BlocksIt is always helpful to see examples of how others have taken the plunge to go paperless.

I came across this article by Jason Frasca where he described a big transition for his company:

How I Saved More Than $20,000 Using Evernote To Run My Business. (How’s that for a headline?)

Evernote increased productivity exponentially. First, with the ability to share notes, either with one click email or sharing the Notebook. We were able to go paperless in a streamlined, efficient manner. Second, to be paperless and read assignments on smartphones and tablets anywhere was not only efficient but profitable. Now I had the ability to take every case to the field. Send new cases to investigators as they were opened, and update older cases with critical information on the fly. This was a game changer for the way I ran production and case assignments. The fact that Evernote was cross platform meant I installed a corporate BYOD policy as Evernote accommodated every device. Third, offline Notebooks was critical to me. We traveled to remote areas on a regular basis, where cell phone service was spotty at best. Offline notebooks made this whole paperless system possible. Without Evernote offline notebooks, I would not have been able to go completely paperless the way I did.

In the end, it appears he moved four different systems into Evernote. Not bad.

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