Make Direct Evernote Note Links Again

Make Direct Evernote Note Links Again

LinksA few months ago, Evernote made a change to the way note links work when they are copied and pasted outside of Evernote.

A note link is a special link that will go directly to one of your Evernote notes. This can be helpful if you want to go directly to one of your notes from another application (for example, a calendar or to-do app).

Many power users were up in arms about this change, because when you click on one of these new note links, the note now opens in your browser in the web version of Evernote (https:// links for you nerds out there).

The previous behavior was to open the note directly in whichever Evernote application was installed on the computer or mobile device (aka evernote:// links). For example, the table of contents in my most recent newsletter issue is made up of evernote:// links.

Some may like this new change, but I am among those that do not. Thankfully, Jason Frasca put together a guide to creating note links as our forefathers did: Open Evernote Note Links Directly On The Desktop Again.

If you are like me and like to work exclusively from the desktop you have found this change to be frustrating.

So I tracked down the old Classic Note Links to force your Evernote Notes to open on the desktop directly.

Great tip.

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John Bonnett - January 29, 2017 Reply

When I first got my new s1500, and a year’s free premium subscription to Evernote, I thought I’d hit the mother lode. Then as I explored it further, heated exchanges occurred between me and its tech support.

PROBLEM: Whenever I saved something to Evernote it would default to my personal notebook. I wanted to direct it to whatever notebook was appropriate. They said that would have been possible if I’d purchased my Scan Snap from them instead of Amazon. After a few exchange, that went nowhere, I decided to mothball Evernote even thought I like the basic app very much.

Have you discovered a work-around to this problem, or have they awakened to a basic user need and made the simple correction? I’ll be happy to purchase you services if they can help me rejoin the Evernote family. And I’m sure my son (a doctor in San Antonio) would too.

I commend you for your work, enhancing a wonderful scanner.


John Bonnett

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