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CrashPlan Goes Mobile

I have been using CrashPlan for a few months, both as my online backup solution as well as an offsite backup at my friend’s house. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences with it, but I have to admit that I’ve missed one feature: the ability to get at my backed up files from my mobile […]

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6 Choosing An Online Backup Service

In honor of the fact that I am writing this while at Macworld Expo, I thought I would point out an article from Macworld’s website. DocumentSnap reader Brooke (a name that doesn’t at all bring back painful childhood taunting memories) pointed out this article: Which online backup service is right for you?. If you’re thinking […]

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1 CrashPlan Is A Cross-Platform Backup Solution With Some Clever Options

A while ago, a reader (Boba Fett to be exact – I guess intergalactic bounty hunters need to back their stuff up too) suggested that amongst the other backup providers that I mention, I should talk about CrashPlan. Since I know better than to cross the Fett (look what happened to Han), that’s exactly what […]

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