Happy World Backup Day 2011

Happy World Backup Day 2011

You may or may not know it, but today has been declared World Backup Day 2011.

Declared by who, you ask? A small group from the website Reddit, which is good enough for me.

On the World Backup Day site, they go through why you should backup and how to do it. It’s all really good advice, and if you have someone who you know should be backing up but isn’t, today is a good day to send the link to this site to them.

Not surprisingly, a number of online backup companies have taken up the cause and are offering contests today. At the time of writing, SpiderOak, BackBlaze, MiMedia, and CrashPlan are all offering special prizes.

You can also follow #WorldBackupDay on Twitter to see other tips and specials.

So, happy World Backup Day. When’s the last time you backed up your documents?

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