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11 Could You Chop And Scan Your Books?

There’s a really interesting article over at the Chronicle of Higher Education about a project by Professor Alexander Halavais’. Books take up space. That’s a problem for any librarian tasked with finding room on overcrowded shelves. It’s also a problem for a book-loving scholar who lives in a small New York City apartment with a […]

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1 Can You Read A Book In A Browser?

I am quite possibly the last person who should be writing about higher education, but I find the ProfHacker blog on The Chronicle of Higher Education really interesting. They write about productivity and technology from a different angle, which I like. It doesn’t hurt that most of the writers are professors, associate professors, or assistant […]

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1 How To Make A $20 Book Scanner

In most cases I recommend scanners with an automatic document feeder, but one big case where they don’t work out so well is when scanning a book. The most logical solution is to cut the book and then feed the pages through your scanner, but what if you don’t want to do that? Over on […]

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