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PDF Essentials for Lawyers

Earlier this week I pointed to a podcast about working with PDFs. One of the guests was Ernie Svenson from PaperlessChase. What I should have mentioned was that Ernie has a new book out this week called PDF Essentials for Lawyers. Even though I am not a lawyer, I thought I’d channel my inner Lionel […]

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2 Working With PDFs? Learn To Merge

If you are working with a bunch of PDFs, it can be a pain (and confusing) to try to keep track of them all. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last time that the inspiration for this post came from Eddie Smith at Practically Efficient. More specifically, from this tweet: If I have […]

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4 Evernote OneNote Comparison

One of the great debates of our time is not Sammy vs. David in Van Halen or Ozzy vs. Dio in Black Sabbath. It is Evernote vs. OneNote. There are fans on both sides of the debate, and both are sure they have the best solution. I personally don’t believe in “best” applications. I think […]

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1 Create a GTD Tickler in Evernote

I know many DocumentSnap readers, myself included, use some variant of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system to keep on top of the things. One component of that system is to create a tickler file, which is a way to be reminded to take action on documents on their relevant dates. The book describes a […]

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OmniFocus Premium Posts 2

I know there are a lot of OmniFocus users here at DocumentSnap (including myself), so I want to give a quick heads up that the folks at Asian Efficiency have just released the second edition of their OmniFocus Premium Posts. I bought the first edition ages ago, and it totally changed how I was using […]

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