OmniFocus Premium Posts 2

OmniFocus Premium Posts 2

OmniFocus Premium PostsI know there are a lot of OmniFocus users here at DocumentSnap (including myself), so I want to give a quick heads up that the folks at Asian Efficiency have just released the second edition of their OmniFocus Premium Posts.

I bought the first edition ages ago, and it totally changed how I was using the software. More importantly, their “Asian Efficiency Workflow” for OmniFocus really helped me make sure that I was spending time getting the important things done each day instead of just messing around checking off tasks.

This time instead of a PDF guide, they have 30+ videos and screencasts.

As I said, I loved the first edition and am enjoying working my way through this updated version.

Click here to learn more about OmniFocus Premium Posts.

If you purchase via that link, you’ll be buying me lunch so thank you. If you don’t want to do that for whatever reason, just head over to their site and buy it that way.

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