Create a GTD Tickler in Evernote

Create a GTD Tickler in Evernote

Evernote TicklerI know many DocumentSnap readers, myself included, use some variant of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system to keep on top of the things.

One component of that system is to create a tickler file, which is a way to be reminded to take action on documents on their relevant dates.

The book describes a system of 43 file folders for physical documents, but what do you do when you’re going paperless?

Deb Lee from SOHO Tech Training has a clever blog post where she describes how she creates a tickler file using Evernote.

It’s not something I do myself, but if you are an Evernote user and want to use it at least partially for GTD, it’s one way to do it.

Do you use Evernote for GTD? How do you model it?

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Deb Lee - December 5, 2014 Reply

Hi Brooks –

Thanks for including my post! =) Setting up a tickler file in Evernote can be a bit of work up front, but once is set up, it can be used from year to year. And, there are so many other things you can do with Evernote, that it’s certainly worth a second look.


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