Scan To Box With A ScanSnap - 2 Easy Options

Scan To Box With A ScanSnap – 2 Easy Options

If you’re not familar, is an online file storage service. It’s especially popular with businesses. Until recently, there haven’t been great options to scan to Box. You were more or less limited to “scan to a computer or network, then upload the files in a web browser”.

Thankfully, Fujitsu has released its first update to ScanSnap Cloud, and you can now scan directly from a Wi-Fi-enabled ScanSnap to Box.

(As an aside, the new release also allows you to scan to Shoeboxed, but we won’t be covering that here.)

Here are two options for scanning.

Scan To Box With ScanSnap Cloud

If you have a ScanSnap iX500 or iX100, you can use ScanSnap Cloud to scan to Box.

In the ScanSnap Cloud settings (see my ScanSnap Cloud article for more than you’d ever want to know about this) choose Box for the type of document you are scanning.

Scan to Box: ScanSnap Cloud
Scan to Box: ScanSnap Cloud
Scan to Box: ScanSnap Cloud Settings
Scan to Box: ScanSnap Cloud Settings

One issue I had: it saves the document in a folder called ScanSnap in Box. It seems like you should be able to change that, but I was not able to. It just brings back a blank list. I assume this is a bug, but for now ScanSnap folder it is.

Once I scanned the document, it appears quickly in the ScanSnap folder in Box.

Scan to Box: Saved via ScanSnap Cloud
Scan to Box: Saved via ScanSnap Cloud

Scan Using Box Sync

If you don’t have a scanner that can use ScanSnap Cloud, all is not lost.

You can download the Box Sync application for Mac and Windows.

In the Box web interface, choose the folder(s) you want to have synced with your computer. You do this by going to the folder’s settings, then Properties, then choose Sync To Computer.

Scan to Box: Enable Box Sync
Scan to Box: Enable Box Sync

Once you install the Box Sync application on your computer, any files and folders you’ve selected to sync (and anything not in a folder) will be copied to your computer under a Box Sync folder.

Scan To Box: Box Sync Folder
Scan To Box: Box Sync Folder

Conversely, anything you save under that Box Sync folder will be automatically uploaded to Box. This way, you can scan to that Box Sync folder and your documents will uploaded.

Wish List

I doubt this would happen, but it’d be nice if ScanSnap Manager had direct Box integration so that you don’t need to go through ScanSnap Cloud or Box Sync.

Having ScanSnap Cloud integration is definitely better than what we had before though.

Do you have another trick for scanning to Box? Let us know in the comments.

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Gazumped - July 23, 2016 Reply

Hiya. As the proud owner of an S1500, Scansnap Manger is all I got. Since I can scan to a folder on my hard drive, I don’t see why I couldn’t scan to a Box folder – and maybe use IFTTT to set up some way to create a new Evernote with a link to the file. If you’re into Evernote, obviously better to use Google Drive for this purpose, because then you also have the EN integration features – when they arrive on your platform…

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