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5 OCR Comparison By Marco Arment

If there was some way to find out what the most used non-Apple app on my iPhone and iPad is, it would almost certainly be Instapaper by Marco Arment. I am either saving or reading articles in there every single day. Between my Instapaper use and listening to the Build and Analyze podcast, I spend […]

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3 Free Online OCR With RICOH Innovations

Most scanners these days come with an Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, program of some sort to make PDFs searchable. However, what if you don’t have an OCR program or you just want to do a quick and dirty file conversion without messing around with an application? A few DocumentSnap commenters have pointed out that […]

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23 OCR Smackdown: ABBYY FineReader vs. Adobe Acrobat

A very common request that I get here at DocumentSnap is to compare the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities of ABBYY FineReader with Adobe Acrobat. Why? Well, for starters, both of them come included with models the Fujitsu ScanSnap as well as other scanners. I decided to do a quick test comparing the OCR of […]

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OCR And Orphan Works

As I have written about before, I always find it fascinating to read about different scanning projects, especially when it comes to scanning old stuff. Over at the GalleyCat blog, Jason Boog writes about using Optical Character Recognition software to dig through orphan works. What the heck are “orphan works”? I didn’t know either. According […]

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32 ScanSnap and Hazel Is A Match Made In Paperless Heaven

There are a lot of tricks out there for keeping your documents organized based on their location or filename, but the holy grail is to be able to keep them organized based on the actual contents of the documents themselves. I have written before about how the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500, the S1500M and the S1300 […]

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1 Lifehacker OCR Call For Votes

The folks over at Lifehacker are running one of their famous High Five calls for submissions, this time about readers’ favorite OCR tools. OCR tools have been around for decades, but only recently have they been affordable (in many instances free) and accessible to people outside of government and corporate offices. This week we want […]

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