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The Freedmen’s Bureau Project Digitizes Almost 2 Million Slavery-Era Documents

Imagine how much work it would take to scan nearly 2 million Civil War-era documents related to newly-freed slaves. Now imagine the work involved to then go through those documents and painstakingly index the names and other information. This is exactly what the Freedmen’s Bureau Project did to help African Americans reconnect with their ancestors. […]

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Open Domesday

So you’re hanging out in Normandy and decide you want to conquer England. You eventually find out that conquering a country and running it are two different things, and this is what William, Duke of Normandy faced after the Norman conquest in 1066. You might be thinking “what the heck does this have to do […]

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Scanning The Gutenberg Bible

The Gutenberg Bible is one of those items that I suspect everyone has heard of, but just in case, here is what Wikipedia has to say on the subject: The Gutenberg Bible (also known as the 42-line Bible, the Mazarin Bible or the B42) was the first major book printed with movable type in the […]

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iPads and Fighter Pilots

I’ve written before about the way that tablets are changing the way that pilots access information in-flight, but Federico over at MacStories has taken it to the next level. He has an interview with Erik Hess, a US Navy fighter pilot: iPad in Real Life: Erik Hess, F–5N Tiger II Pilot. It’s a fascinating read […]

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Nice Document, Einstein

From time to time, I like to feature some interesting scanning projects, and this one certainly qualifies. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem has put more than 2,000 of Albert Einstein’s documents online for anyone to view. There are manuscripts (including one of only three manuscripts containing e=mc2), letters from his personal life, his Nobel Prize, […]

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