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1 Creditbloggers Compares Shoeboxed With The ScanSnap

   Mark Frauenfelder of MAKE and Boing Boing fame has a good post over on the Creditbloggers blog comparing his experience using both the ScanSnap S1500 and Shoeboxed to store his paper records digitally. Which is better? As usual it depends on you and your personality type and the time you have available, but I’ll […]

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9 Does The Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300 OCR Use A Lot Of CPU?

In the comments to my ScanSnap S1300 review post, user pendolino asked about the Fujitsu ScanSnap 1300‘s performance, not so much the scanner itself, but the software and OCR process afterwards. i would like to know a bit more about the very interesting sounding OCR feature that you say is bundled within the software (both […]

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2 Pixily Changes Names – Is Now OfficeDrop

We’ve written a few times here on DocumentSnap about Pixily, a document management and scanning service that will let you physically send your paper documents and upload them to their service, and then securely manage the scanned files online. We’ve just gotten word that they have changed their name to OfficeDrop. Why did they change […]

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3 How To Create Searchable PDFs With The ScanSnap S300M

So you read all this great stuff about how the Fujitsu ScanSnap is awesome and creates searchable PDFs, and you’re on a Mac and want a portable scanner, so you drop the cash on a ScanSnap S300M. Then you get it home and find out – wait a minute – the S300M doesn’t come with […]

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2 Great Paperless Workflow Post At Interface Matters

Chris Blatnick over at the Interface Matters blog has just done an absolutely epic post about his paper processing workflow. He has included a diagram in which he mapped out his process, and two great videos in which he explains and demonstrates the whole thing. So I recognized a problem: too much paper. That was […]

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Pixily Provides Storage Online and via USB, DVD, or Hard Drive

We have written about Pixily before. They’re a document scanning, digitization, and management service. They recently did an interesting blog post where they outline some of the other options they have for storing the data you send them. Normally, when you send services like this your documents, receipts, etc., they are stored online. However, when […]

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