Creditbloggers Compares Shoeboxed With The ScanSnap

Creditbloggers Compares Shoeboxed With The ScanSnap

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Mark Frauenfelder of MAKE and Boing Boing fame has a good post over on the Creditbloggers blog comparing his experience using both the ScanSnap S1500 and Shoeboxed to store his paper records digitally.

Which is better? As usual it depends on you and your personality type and the time you have available, but I’ll let you read the article yourself to get Mark’s take.

Are you more of a DIY-er, or would you rather have someone else deal with all your stuff?

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Erik - April 15, 2010 Reply

Brooks, have you heard any rumors of a universal version of the s1500 / s1500m? I'm assuming it's in the works since the universal s1300 came out.

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