Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 & S1500M Are Now Cross-Platform

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 & S1500M Are Now Cross-Platform

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Update: It now looks like the ScanSnap S1500 and S1500M are now on Amazon!

As you may have seen, Fujitsu posted a press release yesterday saying that the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500 (for PC) and ScanSnap S1500M (for Mac) are now released.

My main question was – will they be cross-platform like most USB devices? In this ScanSnap 1500M post, commenter rei said that he was told that they in fact would be.

I have just confirmed with Fujitsu that yes, rei is right. You will be able to plug the ScanSnap S1500M into a Windows machine and vice versa (as long as you install the correct software). This is tremendous! No more Windows to Mac (or vice versa) workarounds!

This feature alone makes the S1500 models a big improvement. Here are a few more details that Fujitsu shared with me:

  • ScanSnap Manager comes in two flavors, the Windows version (ScanSnap Manager V5.0) and the Mac version (ScanSnap Manager V3.0)
  • There is a Windows setup disk that comes with the S1500 and a Mac setup disk that comes with the S1500M, but each comes with both versions on the DVD (!)
  • When the Setup Disk is installed, Setup detects PC or Mac and displays the appropriate installer for that platform.
  • Aside from ScanSnap Manager, the Setup only contains the specific applications for the model detected.
  • No, it doesn’t come with both the Windows and Mac versions of Acrobat. Acrobat comes on a separate CD.

If you go to the Fujitsu US store, you can actually see the S1500M there. However, it doesn’t appear to be on Amazon or other similar sites yet and I am told that if you do order it there, it will be back-ordered. Apparently it should start hitting stores around March 20. I’ll re-post when I see it available.

As mentioned, the biggest headache of previous ScanSnaps (and there weren’t many) was the fact that they were not cross-platform. This addresses that.

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DB - November 19, 2015 Reply

We’ve been using this product for about 6-7 years in one version or another(Mac / Win). We use a email client that in not POP or iMap friendly. So my issue is that when I go to “scan to email” it tells me that I don’t have an email client configured for outlook. This would be correct! I have gone in and made most default email (everything that seemed significat) point to Firstclass. The real issue is that it worked perfectly before the last couple of updates and we told users not to update their programs because of this. On a rebuild I can’t save the program and now I can’t find the older version of scansnap manager that seems to work with our email client. Does anyone have a 5 year old copy of SSM or an idea that might help?

Being crucified in Arizona

ejiro - June 4, 2013 Reply

how can i install the drivers for the scansnap without the dvd?cant i download the setup online.?ive been trying to download and install but it keeps giving me "this set up cannot continue.

ethan - November 1, 2012 Reply

mac user here. any pc users with mac adobe software they don't need happy to trade. thanks!

@TheKDoherty - September 16, 2012 Reply

I'm looking at a scansnap S1500(m) for a Mac based small office.

The idea is to store my docs locally, backup to an external hard drive and post to Evernote. My question is this:
If I buy the PC version will I NOT be able to do at of this?
Secondly, I have been offered a S1500 without the original software discs, is ther anywhere I can get it? Or would any of you lovely people be able to make me a copy and Send via Usendit or something similar?

Regards. Kevin.

Frank Noonan - August 30, 2012 Reply

I have a s1500 running on windows 7 and I have reinstalled the software and added adobe acrobat and reader and still cannot get the scanner to recognize hand writing on a scanned page. the typed txt scans perfectly. what the heck am I missing ? Any help will be appreciated.

    Brooks Duncan - August 30, 2012 Reply

    Hi Frank, unfortunately the OCR software that comes with the scanner (or any consumer scanner that I personally am aware of) doesn't recognize handwritten text, only typed.One option is Evernote. It does a pretty good job with handwriting.

Max M - August 26, 2012 Reply

I completely disagree with Mac User in VA. I use Parallels in Windows only when I have no choice. You can't preview a document in Windows like you can on a Mac. The Mac gives you a much better experience. Even editing a PDF is easy with the Preview app that comes with the Mac. I've used the Scansnap organizer and its mediocre at best. You get tiny little worthless icons for documents instead of the full screen previews you get on a Mac.

Mac User in VA - August 26, 2012 Reply

Here's the definitive answer about the software. I bought my Fujitsu S1500 (Black PC Version) which included Windows Acrobat X & Rack 2 Filer. The included Fujitsu DVD-ROM was labeled as follows: ScanSnap S1500/S1500M Set-up DVD-ROM

For Windows: ScanSnap Manager V5.1, ScanSnap Organizer V4.1, Card Minder V4.1, ABBYY Fine Reader for ScanSnap 4.1, Evernote for Windows 4.4, Scan to Microsoft SharePoint 3.4

For Mac: ScanSnap Manager V3.2, ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap 4.1 Mac Edition, Cardiris 4.0 for ScanSnap, Evernote for Mac 2.2

Yes! All of this software is on the DVD! (DO NOT LOSE THE DISC because you cannot download these files on the net or install the upgrade without them! )

I am running my ScanSnap S1500 on a MacBook Pro using Windows 7 on Parallels. I have to plug in the USB when I first run Windows 7 to make sure it sees the scanner and select the Windows computer. I preferred to purchase the Windows versions for the Rack 2 filer software. I LOVE it! Very user friendly. I also enjoy sorting my bills in the ScanSnap Manager software. It's quick and easy. I copy my docs into Dropbox so I can easily access them on the Mac. That's an easy workaround.

My final suggestion, if you want to enjoy your scanner to the max. ( I use my at home for bill/mail. I use it at work to maintain a clutter free desk!) Rack 2 filer is great for organizing, afterwards, you can export the docs in Dropbox or Evernote and see them on your iPad or other portable devices.

I think it's a bigger value to get the Windows version even it you have to purchase Parallels with Windows 7 so you can enjoy Rack 2 Filer AND ScanSnap Manager. Make sure you allocate plenty of hard drive space for your Windows computer in Parallels if you plan on keeping your docs on your laptop hard drive.

This scanner is awesome and was available at Costco for an awesome bundled price, what are you waiting on!

Anaesthisia - August 22, 2012 Reply

As far as I understand it, the only difference is that the Windows scanner will not get You the Adobe Acrobat software. The other Mac software is supposed to nowadays be on the same dvd that the Windows software is on.

So, if You feel like You can do without Acrobat, it seems You can go for the cheaper S1500-non-M model.


    bzhgeek - August 22, 2012 Reply

    As I have no need of and outdated Acrobat, The Windows® version will be just fine for me and make me some spare money.


bzhgeek - August 22, 2012 Reply

OK, so I am about to buy a ScanSnap S1500 or S1500M.
I am a Mac user so I just need too clear the software bundle problem between the two. Here in France, the M version costs far more than the Pc version so this before I go fir the S1500M, I'd like to know if I really need to.

Thanks for those of you who own the S1500 and let us know if they have access to the Mac software bundle too.

Thanks !

Anaesthisia - July 25, 2012 Reply

Noone could verify that the Mac version of Abbyy FineReader is available on the installation disc that comes with the black pc version S1500?



ouija - March 8, 2012 Reply

The S1500 works with OSX (Test with Lion 10.7.3) so don't even waste your money on the S1500M! 🙂

greg Chick - January 15, 2012 Reply

I got a PC set up and working like a champ! love it. I want to use same unit to scan to my Snow Lepord Mac. Do I get a software download? or what?
Greg Chick

    Brooks Duncan - January 15, 2012 Reply

    Hey Greg, the Mac software should be on the ScanSnap Manager DVD. Just pop it into your Mac and you should be good to go.

Chris - December 30, 2011 Reply

Just a note to say that I had purchased the Fujitsu S1500M (for mac) about 18 months ago. It worked wonderfully with my Mac. I recently switched back to using a PC with Windows 7 and was delighted to see that I could use the same scanner with my PC. I found the original software installation disk because the scanner was not immediately recognized by Windows7. I inserted the disk, installed the software, and the scanner works just as well on my PC as it did on my Mac. I am very happy today!

    Brooks Duncan - December 31, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the report Chris! Yes, it is much better than the old days when the scanners weren't cross-platform.

Max M - September 30, 2011 Reply

Don’t waste your time and money on acrobat if you have a Mac. All macs already come equipped with a PDF viewer and editor. There is no rack 2 filer mac version. All you need is the mac version of the Fujitsu scansnap software. Just make folders and subfolders on your mac to keep things organized. That’s what I do. Make sure you back up daily to multiple places! Email me at maxmin at aol. Dot com if I’d like some help

    nowitna - September 30, 2011 Reply


Nowitna - September 30, 2011 Reply

I just bought a snapscan S1500 PC version – whoops! and I just figured out there's a mac version.
So from the above posts I understand the general idea – I missed out on the bundled sofware, otherwise it works great. What I need to know is: Assuming 1 buy adobe acrobat for mac and ??Rack 2 filer? evernote? – what program will replace the missing bundled software and allow me to do all I want to do which is get REALLY organized, go paperless, be able to edit large volumes of scanned pdf for business, etc. Any suggestions?

Nikolai - September 4, 2011 Reply

Can somebody please clarify that S1500 (the black PC version) comes with the Mac version of Abbyy FineReader (embedded in ScanSnap SW) and can make searchable PDF. Perhaps export to Word and Excel?

Thank you!

Alan - June 7, 2011 Reply

Got call at Fujitsu, and a toll-free number, I was well satisfied, I will pass the site to download the necessary software, but for the incredible site said the attendance for PRIMEPOWER servers, PRIMEQUEST, mainframes, peripherals and related software, finally, I sorry what I said Fujitsu.

And the scanner to use is very good, albeit limited.

Thanks BrooksD ..


Alan - June 7, 2011 Reply

The worst is that they do not support the scanner in Brazil only to other things, for PRIMEPOWER servers, PRIMEQUEST, mainframes, peripherals and related software, (in Brazil the fujitsu seems like a joke), I bought because I had no S1500M S1500 , was needed urgently for my work.

Now I do not know, I'm limited with the scanner.

What would you give to?


Brooks Duncan - June 7, 2011 Reply

Not sure what you can do there. Can you take it back and exchange it for a S1500? If not, it may be worth contacting Fujitsu support for Brazil and see if they can help you out. Not sure if they will go for it, but it is worth a try.

Alan - June 7, 2011 Reply

I'm from Brazil and bought S1500M mistakenly got Windows 7, not know it was for MAC, which would make for use in windows 7? I'm using it narrowly, because the CDs did not come from windows.


Thrilled - March 3, 2010 Reply

I have the 1500 M with a 27″ quad core i5. We also have a 1500 for our Windows machine. This is hands down the best scanner I have ever used, including our large integrated 60k copiers/scanners on our network!!

Unhappy - December 28, 2009 Reply

The Windows 7 fix provided by Fujitsu does not work properly. It only allows the scanner to work if the scanner is already connected before the computer is booted. Connecting the scanner to a booted computer results in a report that the device is connected and working — but it does not work. De-installing, using Fujitsu clean-up tool and reinstalling does not correct that issue. Calling Fujitsu level 2 and 3 resulted in nothing. I use it with the main stream HP laptop that came with factory Windows 7. Great disappointment. What a wonderful scanner killed by poorly executed software and lack of ability to use any other software with it. Unfortunately Fujitsu designed their software to be the driver at the same time.

    vmguy - April 20, 2010 Reply

    I'm not having a problem with Win7 / S1500.

    I always leave the scanner off; turn it on when needed, and it always responds.

      Brooks Duncan - April 20, 2010 Reply

      Thanks for your feedback vmguy!

vdd - December 2, 2009 Reply

If you want the Mac version of Abbyy Finereader for AcanSnap you can download it from the fujitsu siemens website:

I also received a link from fujitsu-siemens that states that the following software comes with the S1500:

ScanSnap Organiser
ScanSnap Manager ( Both Windows & MAC versions)
Adobe Acrobat 9.0 Standard
Scan2Word, Scan2Excel, Scan2PowerPoint
Abbyy FineReader for ScanSnap Mac Edition
Rack2Filer- – Trial version


vdd - December 1, 2009 Reply

If you want the Mac version of Abbyy Finereader for AcanSnap you can download it from the fujitsu siemens website:

    Keith - April 25, 2010 Reply

    Hi, Thanks for this info but the link not longer works, any ideas where to obtain a copy?

Max M - October 23, 2009 Reply

Does anyone know where I can find the software for the S1500M? I bought the S1500 because I read here that it is cross platform, although I mainly want to use it with a Mac, but I preferred it in black. I have been using an S500m Scansnap but the software apparently doesn't work with the S1500. It does recognize that the scanner is connected. I've checked Fujitsu's S1500m page and there is a section for support and downloads, but there is nothing to download. I am looking here:… Thanks.

CLY - October 8, 2009 Reply

Did some more research and answered my own question. The S1500M does not scan ID cards, however, FYI, the comparable Epson GT-S50 does (and is both Mac & PC compatible).

CLY - October 8, 2009 Reply

Anyone know if the S1500M can scan something thick like a plastic drivers license? Or an alternative document scanner (not flatbed) for a Mac that does? Thanks.

    jmpsfs - March 13, 2011 Reply

    My S1500 scans Florida drivers licenses without difficulty. I have had problems with crooked feeds of full-page-sized laminated documents, however.

Mike - September 24, 2009 Reply


Actually I have the Scansnap S1500M for my Mac at home and have been trying to decide between the S1500 and S1500M for the office. I loaded the software onto a PC laptop and hooked up the S1500M and it can make searchable PDFs using OCR. It looks like the Finereader OCR software is boiled into the Scansnap software…

So as far as I can see the big difference between S1500M and S1500 is whether you get the Windows or the Mac version of Acrobat. (Plus colour of the scanner and the other minor bits of software bundled in.) But for basic, inline, searchable PDF creation, either one will work fine on a Mac or a PC.

    Mike - September 24, 2009 Reply

    Should just emphasise, this was tested using S1500M software DVD. I'd imagine the S1500 is mirrored (i.e. its Mac software also has Finereader 'boiled in') but I have not confirmed that.

    Brooks Duncan - September 24, 2009 Reply

    Hi Mike, thanks a lot for testing that out and posting your observations. We appreciate it.

Tullio - August 28, 2009 Reply

Snow Leopard?

Oliver - August 25, 2009 Reply

Thanks BrooksD, then I will get the 1500M.

Oliver - August 22, 2009 Reply

From what I've found in the specification sheet, the S1500 doesn't come with the Mac version of the "Abbyy FineReader for ScanSnap" software, is this true? So if I'd want to OCR my scans, I'd have to buy the S1500M?

I only read about the ScanSnap Manager being shipped in Win & Mac versions on both models, but nothing about the Abbyy software.

Has anyone got a S1500 and uses it with a Mac?


    Brooks Duncan - August 22, 2009 Reply

    I am pretty sure you are right- the only crossplatform software it comes with is Scansnap Manager. To do OCR you'd need tonprovide your own software or, of course, get a 1500M.

marcgarcia - June 28, 2009 Reply

Hello there,
I hope to get an answer here as I'm finding contradictory information in the
Net. I own a PC but I'm considering moving onto a Mac in the long term. We
also have a Kubuntu that I use now and then when need to access some
servers… my question is, which one should I purchase if I'm already
planning a Mac migration??!!! I would like to have a scanner that could work
currently with my environment (windows and kubuntu but I could do only with
windows) but I would like to make sure I keep functionalities when I finally
move on.
Help would be very much appreciated. I almost ordered the S1500M but
stumbled upon this site… Not a big deal having to purchase separate
software when I finally move over to Mac.
Thanks in advance,

    Brooks Duncan - June 28, 2009 Reply

    I think if it were me, if I knew I'd be going to a Mac long term, I'd get the 1500M. It will work in the short term on your PC because the Windows drivers are included, but long term you'll have all the "right" software and extras.

    As for Ubuntu, in this post , there is some discussion of using the ScanSnap in Linux. It sounds like the SANE project includes support for the ScanSnap by default. I checked the SANE homepage (… and it seems like the S1500 and S1500M are supported, but the S1500M is listed as "untested".

    So, I think either way will work for you, but if it were me I'd probably pick up the S1500M if I knew the Mac was my long term platform.

      marcgarcia - June 28, 2009 Reply

      Hey BrooksD,

      thanks a million for your quick response. Could you please list the windows software I'll be missing if I follow your advice? is this software easy to find?

      As for SANE, I had already heard about it. Which model are you owning btw, windows one?

      Best regards!!

        Brooks Duncan - June 28, 2009 Reply

        Hi, my understanding is that if you bought the ScanSnap S1500M instead of S1500, you'd be missing the bundled Windows software. If you want to get the 100% official version you should contact Fujitsu, but as far as I know, that would be:

        Adobe® Acrobat® 9 Standard
        ABBYY FineReader
        CardMinder 4.0

        I personally have a S300M (for Mac) and do not have an S1500/S1500M.

        Good luck!

Brooks Duncan - May 25, 2009 Reply

Hey Tullio, thanks for the clarification regarding the S1500M.

Yes, you can definitely make it so that ScanSnap Manager kicks out individual pages. What you do is right click ScanSnap Manager and then choose Settings. Then choose your Profile and click on the "File Option" tab. Then you'll see an Option button. Click that, and that's where the option is.

Here's a screenshot:

I also outline it in my post where I list out all my ScanSnap settings:

Hope this helps!

    Tullio - May 27, 2009 Reply

    That's wonderful! Thanks!

Tullio - May 24, 2009 Reply

I've received the S1500M. If you have already Acrobat 9 buying the S1500 could make sense ( if you think of using it also on PC with Rack2-Filer, missing on the Mac DVD).
Some details here

I have a question. If I scan several pages I end up with one document. Do I need Acrobat to extract the pages or can I change the settings with ScanSnap Manager to have only individual pages if needed?

AlanF - May 19, 2009 Reply

Here in the UK the S1500M is considerably more expensive than the S1500… As I have a Mac with Acrobat Pro 9 installed could I simply buy the S1500 plug it in to my Mac, save a bundle of cash, and not lose any functionality?

    Brooks Duncan - May 22, 2009 Reply

    Hi Alan,

    That's my understanding. You wouldn't have Acrobat (but you have that anyways) and you wouldn't have the biz card scanning software, but as far as the scanner itself and using ScanSnap Manager etc., you should be able to do that on your Mac with the S1500.

    Having said all that, I personally do not have a S1500 or S1500M and I am going by what someone at Fujitsu told me. If you want to be 100% sure you'd want to either contact Fujitsu, or make sure that wherever you buy it takes returns.

Tullio - May 15, 2009 Reply

So if buy the S1500 for the color what would I miss on the Mac?

    Brooks Duncan - May 16, 2009 Reply

    I dont have an S1500 and I don't work for fujitsu, but my understanding is you'd be missing Acrobat and all the bundled software other than ScanSnap Manager.

Tullio - May 14, 2009 Reply

"There is a Windows setup disk that comes with the S1500 and a Mac setup disk that comes with the S1500M, but each comes with both versions on the DVD (!)"

I don't understand this. What do you mean?

    Brooks Duncan - May 14, 2009 Reply

    Hi Tullio,

    What I mean is that the both the S1500 and S1500M come with both the Windows and Mac version of ScanSnap Manager and associated drivers. Therefore, you can plug the S1500 into a Mac and it will work. Something that was not possible with previous versions of the ScanSnap without some rather hardcore hacking.

MJA - May 5, 2009 Reply

Do you know if an OCR software engine is shipped with *both* OSX and Win bundles?

With my old S500m there was no OCR bundled.

    Brooks Duncan - May 5, 2009 Reply

    Hi MJA,

    Yes ABBYY Finereader is shipped with both the Mac and Windows flavor of the ScanSnap S1500/M. You should be safe that way!

Brooks Duncan - March 24, 2009 Reply

Nice find Jay.. thanks!

Jay G - March 24, 2009 Reply

Hey guys….this is from the Scansnap web page…"ScanSnap Manager V3.0 is for use on select Mac operating systems; however, ScanSnap Manager V5.0 is also bundled with this product and supports select Windows operating systems. For complete details, see "

The text above can be found:

Brooks Duncan - March 23, 2009 Reply

I know what you mean Randy. I don't know why the S1500 isn't showing
up yet. Personally I'd wait rather than buying the S1500M.. missing
out on Acrobat altogether would be kind of a drag.

Randy S - March 23, 2009 Reply

I can see the S1500M being available via distribution and retail, but the S1500 is not. If I am a Windows user and purchase a S1500M, sounds like I will get everything I need except for the Windows version of Acrobat 9, which would be a HUGE bummer…

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