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2 Keeping On Top Of Receipts

This is a guest post from Penny Bryant Catterall, a Professional Organizer in the Washington DC area. I read her describe her receipt workflow on a NAPO mailing list, and begged her to share it with you. As a paperless devotee, business owner, and office organizer, I have clients who want to know what I […]

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1 Best Practices For Expense Reporting

This is a guest post from Michael Hourigan at Shoeboxed. The key to effortless expense reporting lies in implementing a few crucial best practices that will allow you to seamlessly track your expenses while you’re on the go. Know What’s Expected Get clear on what’s expected from you in terms of your reporting. How detailed […]

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How to Archive Financial Documents while Saving Space and Time

This is a guest post from Craig Hollingum from Micro Com Systems, a Vancouver-based document imaging company. I was interested in hearing from him because I find the whole scanning outsourcing business fascinating. If you’re like most people, then you probably don’t enjoy such bureaucratic processes as filing and archiving financial documents. The problem is […]

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2 A Burglary Could Help Your Paperless Adventure

This is a guest post from DocumentSnap Peter Whalley. Thanks Peter! Let’s get to the point – I’d rather watch 365 episodes of “Days of our Lives” than go through this again. You see, we were burgled some time ago, & I’d like to share with you how this helped us become paperless. (Yeah, you […]

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6 GTD And Going Paperless – Filing Documents

This is a guest post from Alex Satrapa, a software engineer and Paperless Document Organization Guide interviewee. Through DocumentSnap you’ve been introduced to the Paperless Workflow, which relates to organising documents. You may also have been introduced to the Getting Things Done system, which relates to taking action. The two can be used very effectively […]

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4 Author + ScanSnap + Hazel + TextExpander = Time To Write

This is a guest post from Michelle Muto, author of the newly released book The Book of Lost Souls. I’ve slowly been going paperless for about two years. It was part of my new mantra, “Everything you must have owns you.” I cleaned out closets, rooms, cabinets. I saved the worst for last – the […]

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