Time Management With Mike Vardy

Time Management With Mike Vardy

Mike Vardy CreativeLiveEvery year I do a survey of DocumentSnap blog and newsletter readers to find out what their biggest challenges are, and this year finding time was the big winner.

Fortunately, my friend Mike Vardy is doing a three day free (!) creativeLIVE session this week called Time Management 101: Prioritize the Right Things with Mike Vardy. It runs 9am – 4pm from Thursday October 31 – Saturday Nov 2.

If everything works out as it should, I[1] will be making a cameo appearance on Friday, November 1 from about 10:45–11am. Don’t hold that against him though.

I am really looking forward to this session. Definitely check it out if you struggle with time management (who doesn’t?)

  1. Or at least, my Skyped-in head and shoulders.  ↩

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Dr. Shroomie - November 6, 2013 Reply

Brooks,Thanks for all of your advice and information during the CL event and the chat boards. Finally had a chance to read your doc and loved it! Learned a lot! Looking forward to being <almost> paperless

    Brooks Duncan - November 7, 2013 Reply

    Thanks Dr. Shroomie! I had a really great time hanging out in the chat. You guys are great. I think I'll pop in there again soon. 🙂

Pablo - November 2, 2013 Reply

Thanks Brooks for this enormous timing. I truly enjoyed learning valuable views regarding time management with Mike Vardy. Yeah, lot of people around us struggling with time management and even me also. So still looking forward to find the perfect time!!

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