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How To Install An Alfred Workflow

Recently I posted an Alfred Workflow to Select A ScanSnap Manager Profile. Awesome DocumentSnap reader Ray asked if I could turn the instructions into a video, so that is exactly what I have done. Here is a video that shows how to install and use an Alfred workflow, using the ScanSnap one as an example. […]

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Mavericks Tagging In The Wild

Back when OS X 10.9 Mavericks was announced, one of the big features (to some anyways), was the addition of built-in file tagging. This led some, myself included, to wonder what that would mean for the current tagging “standard”, OpenMeta. Would they play nicely together? Tom Anderson from Ironic Software (one of the creators of […]

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4 CardIris for ScanSnap Updated For Mac Lion

Back in July, Mac OS X Lion was released, and Fujitsu was ahead of the curve and had already released Lion ScanSnap drivers. Most things were working fine, with the exception of CardIris, the business card app that ships with ScanSnap scanners. It looks like Fujitsu has now posted the CardIris for ScanSnap Update as […]

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5 OCR Comparison By Marco Arment

If there was some way to find out what the most used non-Apple app on my iPhone and iPad is, it would almost certainly be Instapaper by Marco Arment. I am either saving or reading articles in there every single day. Between my Instapaper use and listening to the Build and Analyze podcast, I spend […]

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