ScanSnap S1500 At CES

ScanSnap S1500 At CES

Previously I mentioned that Fujitsu unveiled the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M at Macworld. What I didn’t mention is that at the same time, they unveiled the ScanSnap S1500 for Windows at CES at the same time.


Here are some of the features that I have found out about so far:

  • Detection when two sheets are picked up by the scanner (great so you don’t miss a page when scanning)
  • Enhanced business card scanning
  • Automatic resolution selection – picks the right resolution for each document
  • Redesigned software interface
  • Comes with Adobe Acrobat 9 Standard

Here’s a video with the Product Manager for the S1500 by Terry Brock that gives the first preview that I have seen of the new ScanSnap.

According to the video, it will be available sometime in Spring 2009. Looks pretty sweet!

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Brooks Duncan - January 29, 2009 Reply

Wow if that is the case that is tremendous!!! Thanks for the tip. The fact that up until now devices only worked on Mac or PC was so 1996.

rei - January 27, 2009 Reply

Fujitsu Canada has gotten back to me and advised me this will have cross-platform drivers so you can finally buy 1 device and have it work on both OS X and Windows. The -M product differentiation should be the bundled software. Yay!

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