Does NeatWorks Work With Newer ScanSnaps?

Does NeatWorks Work With Newer ScanSnaps?

Some time ago, I posted an article about how to use NeatWorks for Mac with the Fujitsu ScanSnap. In case you don’t know, NeatWorks is the software that comes with the NeatDesk and NeatReceipts scanner. Neatco sells the Mac version separately (though not the Windows version for some strange reason).

At the time, I was using a ScanSnap S300M and the latest desktop scanner was the S510M. Since then, I have had a lot of people ask if NeatWorks will work with newer ScanSnaps such as the ScanSnap S1500, the ScanSnap S1300, or the ScanSnap S1100.

The strange thing is, apparently if you ask, Neat is telling people that only the S510M and S300M are officially supported and newer ScanSnaps probably won’t work.

That sounded wacky to me, so I decided to try it out using the exact same profile that I had created back in that original post.

First I tried scanning to NeatWorks with my S1300:

NeatWorks Scansnap S1300

Then I tried with a S1100:

NeatWorks Scansnap S1300

In both cases the scanning appears to have worked fine.

Keep in mind that it seems to be Neat’s official position that it won’t work, so you are probably not going to get any help from them doing this, so caveat emptor.

Anyone run into any problems using NeatWorks with their newer ScanSnap?

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DBart - May 24, 2015 Reply

I purchased NeatDesk back in 2008. Neat no longer support driver updates for their ADF 2008 scanners on the Mac. But it seems thay DO provide updates for their legacy scanner drivers on the PC. So I’m unable to update Neat for MAC beyond version The current version for the Mac is version

What this means is that owners of the older 2008 Neat ADF scanners must purchase a new scanner in order to take advantage of improvements in the Neat software. The newest software now includes a few nice features that I want, including better de-skewing (page straightening) auto page cropping, and better page analysis and OCR.

All this has me looking for an alternative and the Fujitsu Snapscan ix500 seemed a good choice. But here on this thread I’ve learned Neat is retreating from their prior support of third party scanners on the Mac platform.

I use Neat at home and have liked it a lot, for more than 7 years. I depend on it. And I now use Dropbox to store a huge collection of scanned documents and access them from several Macs.

So I am very interested to learn if anyone has found a way to integrate newer Fujitsu scanners with the latest version of Neat and Mac OS, such that clicking the Scan icon in Neat fires up a Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner and scans directly into the Neat inbox.

If not, I urge any Neat software users in a similar situation to write to Neatco and let them know why they should continue to support MAC users and third party “Fujitsu” scanners.

Pardis - March 25, 2015 Reply

I see that there are posts saying that the Fujitsu Scan Snap ix500 works with the Neat software. I have two questions about this. 1) Does this include using Neat software on a MAC? I would like to use the program on a MAC with the ix500 Fujitsu scanner.
2) I also see that people are talking about doing a two step process. Does this refer to using a MAC or PC? Also, do you still have to do a two step process when people are saying that the scanner works with the Neat software?

William - January 5, 2015 Reply

It’s relatively straight forward … but a two step process. Use Fujitsu’s ScanSnap to setup a scan-to-folder (lot’s of examples and the top profile). Don’t bother with OCR as neat will do it again anyway. I scan to multi-page PDF’s, then use the import at the top of Neat to bring in, and if you use cursor on the cabinet/folder you want, that is where the new item will appear.

Shame you can’t work directly from Neat and get to scanner …. but it’s not too terrible and let’s me use the application and the scanner I want!

Sasha - July 5, 2014 Reply

It’s very helpful reading your posts in this forum. More confident now what to buy. Thanks alot !

Axel - February 23, 2014 Reply

Just started using the scansnap ix500 with the neat softare, works like a charm

    Brooks Duncan - February 23, 2014 Reply

    Awesome thanks for your report, Axel.

    donna - March 31, 2014 Reply

    i have the neat desk scanner and software for windows, just purchased it, hate the scanner but love the software, i want to purchase the fujitsu ix 500 scanner whiich i think is the best, you said neatworks software works did you have to make any adjustments? i am using it to send receipts etc to quick books

      Brooks Duncan - April 1, 2014 Reply

      I haven’t tried this myself as I don’t have Windows NeatWorks, but you can use the ScanSnap to scan to your hard drive and then import it to NeatDesk manually. There are some comments above that describe it.

    LAM - July 2, 2014 Reply

    Can you tell us how to set up to work with the ix500? Thanks!

    linda - August 25, 2014 Reply

    did you have to do anything specific to set your neat software up. I have a ix500 and would like to use neat receipts.

    Kathie - January 19, 2015 Reply

    Did you get the ix500 and neat software to work together on Windows 7? Or are you scanning into ScanSnap and then importing into Neats? I am looking for a way to scan directly into Neat with the ScanSnap ix500. Suggestions?

nancy - November 9, 2013 Reply

I have a pc and a scansnap IX500, will neatworks work on my system and sync with scansnap?

    Brooks Duncan - November 9, 2013 Reply

    I'm afraid not.  -Brooks

    Mdemmer76 - December 3, 2013 Reply

    Just a suggestion, not sure if it works or not… Scan the docs using the fujitsu onto your PC first and then simply import the scans from PC to neatworks. It's an extra step and not as convenient as direct scanning, but theoretically it should work. Let us know if this is successful!

      Michael McGovern - February 20, 2014 Reply

      Hate to bump a dead thread but I came here looking for answers, found them and I will leave some too.

      @Mdemmer76 – Your suggestion works just fine. I have been using a program called Scan to PDF on my iMac to create the receipt PDF files and then I import them into Neat for Windows either in Parallels or Boot Camp. It is no hassle at all since you can select multiple PDF files to import at once. I usually scan every day when I get home and then run the import once a week.

        Brooks Duncan - February 20, 2014 Reply

        Thanks Michael and good point!

      Alysa - August 30, 2014 Reply

      I’m going to post this as well, though I know this is an old thread. It does work to save the files into something akin to a bulk load file and then choose to import them in. I have a folder I dump all scans in that is called NOT SCANNED so I can dump everything at once as well. I have used Neatworks software for I think 4+ years now and from what I can see the software overall seems to work better than what comes w/ the Scansnap. Over the years the software versions have gotten better but I agree the NeatDesk scanner hardware itself, while it has features that should be better than some scanners, it still is not a better scanner. Last night was a new version and I can see big improvements already. The problem though with ‘other’ scanners has always been those scanners. The Fujitsu scanners don’t use the TWAIN standard and this is why they are not recognized on the windows side. Fujitsu is doing this to lock down their product in my opinion. My Evernote and Neatworks do integrate together very well and I think its on the Evernote side that it will search my other sources. The new Neat Connect scanner does even further integration than the NeatDesk version I currently have and I am looking into bumping up to that model.

cuzisaz - October 26, 2011 Reply

i have a mac, using neatworks, it will not find my scan snap s 1300. any hints as to how to make them cooperate?

    Brooks Duncan - November 25, 2011 Reply

    Not sure why it won't find it, but what you can do is just manually create a profile in ScanSnap Manager and on the Application tab, set it to NeatWorks. That should work.

      Shyenne - March 7, 2012 Reply

      *For those whom need step by step instructions… like me :)…
      Here's instructions for creating a profile for NeatWorks: []

      * I just got the s1500m. Do I need to download Evernote; if I'm going to use NeatWorks software?

        Brooks Duncan - March 7, 2012 Reply

        Nope, if you're not going to be using Evernote for cloud storage, you definitely don't need go download Evernote.

          Shyenne - April 9, 2012 Reply

          I have downloaded Neatworks v3.5 for my ScanSnap s1500m. Should I configure them through the ScanSnap menu or Neatworks menu? Neatworks software installations instructions says add via ScnanSnap menu "if I want to customize settings".

          I'm still new to ScanSnap Manager software so don't understand what the heck I'm doing yet or how to customize. I want some PDF's to be editable; to scan handwritten papers and for all to be searchable. Don't know how I will accomplish this yet (esp. between both software programs) but, I guess having the best configuration method would be a good place to start:). Thank you for any advice.

          Please tell me if I'm not in the correct forum or if I am inappropriate, in any way… I'm fairly new to forums. Thank you.

          Brooks Duncan - April 10, 2012 Reply

          I am not sure if it matters, but I think I would personally set up the profile from ScanSnap Manager. Then you have more control.

          Regarding handwritten papers, neither ScanSnap Manager nor NeatWorks can recognize handwriting, so you might be a bit out of luck there. You might have to do some playing around with PDF keywords or better yet, make the file name have the main keywords you want to be able to find.

          Shyenne - April 15, 2012 Reply

          •Thanks for your prompt reply! Sorry mine's kinda not. I configured through ScanSnap menu. I'm guessing if I had configured via Neatworks; all scans would have gone to Neatworks w/ no other options available (profiles,,). One thing I'm confused about is: what to put for the "Save" tab. Neatworks library?

          Bummer about the handwriting docs. Thought Fujitsu could change handwriting into editable text (must have misunderstood the ads). Searchable file names should work for some… good idea! Thanks so much for your help. Now I can play around with it and figure out how they work:).

Jasper - August 15, 2011 Reply

Have Fujitsu S1500. Will this work with Neatworks software. If so, what are the settings?

    Brooks Duncan - August 17, 2011 Reply

    Unfortunately the Windows version of the NeatWorks does not work with the ScanSnap, as far as I know.

    gjtjhft - April 7, 2012 Reply

    click printer and look for net and click printer

Jeremy - July 28, 2011 Reply

I have two fujitsu scanners (S510 and S1500). I have Neat Receipts (3.0) on an XP system and NeatWorks (4.0) on a Window7 (64 bit) system. I know that you are able to use these scanners with the Mac system. Is there anyway of using them on a Windows system. Any work arounds or back door methods to get them to work together. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Does anyone know if Neatco is planning to release a stand alone NeatWorks for Windows that will allow third party scanners? Thanks again.

    Brooks Duncan - July 29, 2011 Reply

    I was in the process of writing that "no, there is no way I know of to use the ScanSnap with NeatWorks on Windows", but I did have one idea. I think in the Mac version of NeatWorks, you can set it to watch a folder and import and export documents to that folder. Can the Windows version of NeatWorks do that? (I don't have it). If so, maybe you could scan to that folder with your ScanSnap and then have NeatWorks import the documents.

Tom - June 28, 2011 Reply

I've just started using Neatworks and the S1500M. Everything works so far but it's only been a week. I wish I knew of Shoebox before I bought the scanner. BUT! I do like the scanner! Not so much Neatworks…

    Brooks Duncan - June 28, 2011 Reply

    Great, thanks for the report Tom.

    Shyenne - March 7, 2012 Reply

    So.. have you continued to use your Neatworks software? If so, is it still compatible with your S1500m? I just purchased the scanner and I really hope the Neatworks works out.

      Brooks Duncan - March 7, 2012 Reply

      I do not personally use NeatWorks (though I do have it), but here is a list of compatible scanners and yes, the S1500M is on the list.

Shyenne - May 1, 2011 Reply

So… has anyone used NeatWorks for Mac with the Fujitsu s1500m? If so; how's it goin'? I've wanted to buy them for awhile but first I need to know that they are compatible.

Troy Sorzano - April 13, 2011 Reply

Is neat the only receipt company? Or will snapscan windows save receipts with the data like neat does? I am only interested in receipt management and busines cards. Should I go with neat or snap?

    Brooks Duncan - April 13, 2011 Reply

    On Windows, Neatworks is the only application I am aware of that does the receipt extraction bit. I'd be happy if someone points me to something else.Another good option is something like Shoeboxed. You upload or mail in your receipts and they extract the info for you for you to download to Excel, Quicken, etc. I wrote about it here:

@taxwright - March 8, 2011 Reply

I have a Neat Receipts scanner and would like to know if I can make it work with evernote?

    Brooks Duncan - March 8, 2011 Reply

    Do you use Mac or Windows?

Andreas Cerny - March 4, 2011 Reply

i have a Scansnap S1300 and Neatworks works most of the time, sometimes it freezes at the ocr part and i have to force quit it. I talk about the mac version

    Brooks Duncan - March 4, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the report Andreas. I wonder if that happened with the S300M too or if it is specific with the S1300.

      AtariBaby - June 23, 2011 Reply

      As a Mac user I found out the hard way that Neatworks/Neatreceipts are just something to avoid. The Mac software and drivers are a total mess. The way to go with Mac is to install Parallels or other method to use Windows on Mac, and use the Windows version of the product. By all means, search for yourself and you'll see the agonizing cries on forums everywhere.

        Brooks Duncan - June 23, 2011 Reply

        Thanks, I’m hearing more and more reports like that.

        Alysa - August 1, 2011 Reply

        How do you use the Fujitsu Scansnap with Neatworks. I thought this couldn't be done. I like the Neatworks software but I hate the scanner and would love to get the Fujitsu but have always heard it is not possible to use it unless I am on Mac.

          AtariBaby - August 1, 2011 Reply

          Actually at one time you could do this in Windows and now apparently you cannot. I apologize for my earlier mistake. You are forced to use the Windows scanners with the Windows product currently.

Debbie Lentz - March 2, 2011 Reply

Which is a better system, NeatWorks or Fijutsu ScanSnap 5100

    Brooks Duncan - March 3, 2011 Reply

    Hi Debbie, actually NeatWorks is software and the ScanSnap is hardware so they're not really comparable. What are you looking to do and maybe I can answer better.

    Shyenne - May 1, 2011 Reply

    Debbie, It's my understanding that "Scansnap Manager" is the software that comes with the Fujitsu scanner. Of all the reviews I've read; Fujitsu sounds like a better scanner than NeatDesk. I think the NeatWorks software (from Neat Company) is a less complicated file system though. Here are some good reviews:… …AND–>

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