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1 The Paperless Farm

If you a city dweller like myself, you might have this image of a farmer thumbing through his copy of the Almanac that is hanging from a nail while he looks up at the weather vane to see what is going on. The truth is, farming has become incredibly high tech, and it is an […]

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1 Experience Curating Book Free Until Mar 8

In my post How I Manage My Life Without Paper, I mentioned that I am becoming more and more interested in the concept of personal tracking and simplifying in general. I am taking baby steps in that regard, but the master of this has to be Joel Zaslofsky from Value Of Simple. Apparently his book […]

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6 Asian Efficiency Productivity Blueprint Review

Years ago, I was working for a large corporation and was given a big promotion. I went from being an individual contributor to running the department and dealing with other parts of the business. I had tasks and responsibilities flying at me from all angles, and I eventually found that things were slipping – I […]

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1 Brooks On Mac Power Users Podcast

I did some digging through the archives, and it looks like my earliest mention of the Mac Power Users podcast was an issue of the DocumentSnap newsletter back in August 2010. Needless to say, I’ve been a listener for a long time, and it has been fun seeing David Sparks and Katie Floyd at Macworld […]

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1 Wipebook Reusable Notebook

In line with my quest to manage my life without paper, I came across this cool Kickstarter project via the folks at Tools And Toys. The Wipebook is a reusable whiteboard notebook. There are 25 pages, and each page is covered with a UV gloss. You can either write in it like a normal notebook […]

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How Much Time Do You Save?

I am big on trying to be more productive with my time. I am always trying to make my workflow more and more efficient, and cutting out steps where I can. It is a great goal, but it can be easy to spend so much time trying to optimize a workflow that you don’t actually […]

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5 In Praise Of The Paperless Inbox

This is going to be a strange thing to say, but I love (and I mean LOVE) inboxes. When we think of inboxes, we usually think of that plastic or wire thing on the desk that is overflowing with paper from 2 years ago. Since I’m all about going paperless, I’m talking about an electronic […]

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2 Keeping On Top Of Receipts

This is a guest post from Penny Bryant Catterall, a Professional Organizer in the Washington DC area. I read her describe her receipt workflow on a NAPO mailing list, and begged her to share it with you. As a paperless devotee, business owner, and office organizer, I have clients who want to know what I […]

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