ABBYY FineReader For ScanSnap Update For Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 Now Available

ABBYY FineReader For ScanSnap Update For Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 Now Available

When it rains it pours.  When Fujitsu released their ScanSnap Update For Snow Leopard, the missing piece was the OCR provided by FineReader.  They said it would be released by ABBYY soon, and as of today, it’s out.

The update is for the ScanSnap S1500M and S510M.

Click Here To Download The FineReader Snow Leopard Update. It’s down at the bottom.

You know the deal.. let us know in the comments how the update worked out for you!

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SLE - November 23, 2009 Reply

So…. does anyone have any idea if this Fine Reader update works with the s300m scansnap model or not?

hogie - November 22, 2009 Reply

I updated, but I now get the message that I can’t save the OCR’ed document as a PDF unless I update to Acrobat 9. I have a perfectly good Acrobat 8 – what’s the problem??? has anyone else the same issue? Did anyone update to Acrobat 9, Pro or otherwise?

pendolino - November 21, 2009 Reply

i think what i have is the original scansnap for mac (white with rounded edges). did the finereader software not come with that version? i only recall getting the adobe acrobat 7(?) application included.

Mike Martina - November 19, 2009 Reply

Just updated with the Fine Reader update and everything seems to be working fine!! Back to normal again!!

    Brooks Duncan - November 19, 2009 Reply

    Awesome thanks for letting us know Mike!

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