Paperless Document Organization Guide

How Do You Store And Find Your Documents?

By far the #1 question that DocumentSnap readers like you ask is: “now that I have scanned my files, what do I do with them so that I can find them again?”

Starting at $15 for a multimedia paperless kickstart.

Paperless Document Organization Guide

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Finding Your Documents Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Going paperless is about much more than just scanning in your paper.

In fact, with a good scanner, the scanning is the easy part. Once you’ve started, the challenge becomes: how do you organize your electronic documents so that you can find them when you need them?

As DocumentSnap reader John Yaegar says:

Going paperless sounds great but I don’t want to trade one physical paper mess for a digital mess.

Choose The Solution That Works For You

The information online about going paperless and organizing your documents is conflicting, doesn’t work with your comfort level, or is crazy technical.

Some people say use this software, others say that software is no good, others say don’t use software at all. How do you know which way to go when everyone says something different?

Learn How To Find What You Need When You Need It

Whether you are using a software package, tagging, or just using folder structures, learn some easy to use tips and tricks for both Mac and Windows to quickly find the document you are looking for.

Are you struggling to figure out how to organize and find your documents? If so, then the new Paperless Document Organization Guide may be for you.

To help organize and find your documents, here are a few things that should help:

  • How should you name your files and what folder structure should you use?
  • How do you find your documents once you have filed them?
  • What are the pros and cons of each major Mac and Windows software package, and who should buy what?
  • How do you handle receipts?
  • How do you keep your documents safe and secure?
  • How have others like you successfully gone paperless, and how do professional organizers recommend that you do things?

What’s Included?

The Paperless Document Organization Guide consists of a detailed written manual complimented by a series of interviews. The interviews (available in audio files and written transcripts) tell the stories of how DocumentSnap readers just like you successfully organize their electronic documents, as well as expert advice from professional organizers.

Also included are detailed videos that you can either watch online or download to your computer or mobile device that take you step by step through some of the more technical parts of setting up a paperless workflow, and one that takes you step-by-step through my paperless workflow.

You’ll get:

  • A detailed but easy to read PDF manual covering all the key aspects of organizing your electronic documents and comparing and contrasting the most popular software packages for Windows and Mac.
  • At least 10 workflow diagrams with step-by-step descriptions.
  • At least 4 interviews with DocumentSnap readers who have gone paperless and are sharing what they have learned
  • At least 3 interviews with professional organizers (Paperless Specialist and Paperless Master packages only)
  • PDF transcript of interviews
  • At least 6 video screencasts where I record my screen giving step-by-step instructions (Paperless Specialist and Paperless Master packages only):
    • How to find your files on the Mac
    • How to find your files on Windows and using ScanSnap Organizer
    • How to encrypt and secure your documents on the Mac
    • How to encrypt and secure your documents on Windows
    • How to use Evernote to store your documents
    • Step-by-step through my paperless workflow


All of the guides are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’ve made an honest effort to use the strategies in the guide and have reviewed the audio and video materials and they haven’t wowed you, let me know after at least 30 days (several updates are delivered through email in the weeks after purchase), and I’ll give you a 100% refund. This guarantee is valid for an entire year. Your happiness is my happiness (or something like that).

How have people just like you successfully organized their electronic documents?

What do professional organizers recommend?

Having written DocumentSnap for almost three years, I thought it would be high time to hear from others beside myself.

First, I have interviewed DocumentSnap readers just like you who have been successful organizing their PDF documents:

  • Kyle Durand from Art Of Business and OurDeal, a tax attorney and entrepreneur on receipt workflows, client document organization, and having documents accessible online securely.
  • A computer programmer who uses Hazel and tags on his Mac to automatically organize his documents
  • A Windows-using Physicist who has some clever ideas for naming bills, and the human side of dealing with clutter
  • A young professional who uses FileCenter on Windows to organize his documents and have them accessible at all times
  • More to be added soon!

In addition, I brought in three professional organizers. I have interviewed them to get their expert opinion:

You can listen to these interviews on your computer, download them to your iPod, or read the included PDF transcripts. Whichever works best for you.