Fujitsu ScanSnap On Mac OSX Lion 10.7. Your Experience?

Fujitsu ScanSnap On Mac OSX Lion 10.7. Your Experience?

Upgrade OSX Lion ScanSnap

If you use a Mac, I am sure that you know that Mac OS X 10.7 Lion has been released today via the Mac App Store. Similar to what I did with Snow Leopard and Windows 7, I thought I’d put this post up so that you can share your experiences with the Fujitsu ScanSnap.  How is it working for you?

I recently posted about how to prepare your ScanSnap for Lion, so give that a read. Looks like the ScanSnap S1500M, the S1300, and the S1100 should be good to go now, but older models will be ready at the end of August.

I just returned from vacation last night so I am in catchup mode, so I haven’t had a chance to install Lion yet. How is your ScanSnap working on Lion, both the scanner itself and the software that comes with it? Leave a note in the comments or forum and let us know. I’ll update this post as new information becomes available.

Update: Fujitsu has released the Lion drivers for the ScanSnap S300M, S510M, S500M, fi-5110EOXM. You can download them here.

Update 9/19/2011: Fujitsu has released an update for CardIris. You can download it here.

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Roy - September 16, 2011 Reply

I was just getting to know my new S1100 running on Snow Leopard & I was very impressed with ease of use, speed and quality of output from this neat little unit.
I had the latest ScanSnap Manager on disc (v3.2).
Installed OSX Lion on my MacBook & now *!ScanSnap Manager will not run – closes with Error Code 1, icon greys out, attempting to complete startup leads to the SS Manager closing with error message to Apple. Several calls to Fujitsu siemens support in UK & Germany. SS manager uninstalled, reinstalled, downloaded from web & “updated online”. To date no joy. Problem persists as above *. Furthermore Siemens cannot do remote view sessions on machines running Mac OSX Lion. Latest is that I’ve sent them an email witha bunch of screenshots along with a diagnostics file.
Has anyone got an S1100 running on an OSX Lion system?

Megan - September 5, 2011 Reply

I just bought a scansnap s1100 and am not able to upload the software from the cd! It gets almost to the end and then just sits there with the bar scrolling and says "less than 1 minute." I am running Lion and was easily able to use NeatReceipts. I bought the two systems for comparison, and after reading your love of the scansnap, thought I'd go that way. Now, I'm not so sure, especially since Paperless isn't fully up and running with Lion.

Lucas - July 27, 2011 Reply

Using the ScanSnap S510M with ScanSnap Manager 2.2.12, Abby FineReader 4.1 and Acrobat 8.3 on LION 10.7 and so far have not had a single problem, it runs just like it did in 10.6.
I am using a Mac Pro Quad Core and did a clean install of LION and then let it import settings, applications and documents to the new system.

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 28, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the report Lucas! I am trying to decide whether I am going to do a clean install of Lion or just upgrade.

Alex Satrapa - July 27, 2011 Reply

I'm using ScanSnap 1500M quite happily, though the UI has become more obnoxious.

I like to put my document in the scanner, press the button, and forget about it. Unfortunately with the new version of the ScanSnap Manager software, the "scanning" and "OCRing" process boxes force themselves to be "on top" of every other window.

The generated PDFs are "the same" as I remember them being, as far as I can tell the scanner and OCR software are working just as awesomely as they were before the latest version upgrade and Lion upgrade.

So the software is working just like it's supposed to, but the way it's supposed to work is quite obnoxious.

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 28, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for that Alex. I had forgotten that the new version of ScanSnap Manager is "on top" like that. I believe they introduced it with the S1100 software. I've been using it for so long I forgot about it. You're right, it is not the greatest that way.

Mick Davies - July 26, 2011 Reply

No problems with Lion, but I brought a scansnap s1100 and I purchased paperless from the App store, it would not work, having looked on the developers web site, apple have blocked their patch to make it work with Lion.
Fortunately Apple have given me a full refund and I am now trying out DevonThink

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 26, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the report Mick. I love the Mac App Store but this sort of situation uncovers one big problem: the developers are at Apple's mercy when they can (and if they can) provide timely patches. Not great. Glad you were able to get a refund.

wannabgeek - July 25, 2011 Reply

No problems with my S1500M. Latest version of Scansnap software works fine.

Cardiris of course is missing in action until the August update, not much of a problem as I hardly use the software.

The other changes in Lion like "All My Files" and the Spotlight search previews are nice additions. Overall no reason not to upgrade.

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 26, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the report!

Ann - July 24, 2011 Reply

I have an S510M, upgraded to Lion yesterday (MBP mid 2009). Before I upgraded I checked for updates for ScanSnap, turned out I had V22L12 so I downloaded to the current version V22L15. I checked a few other apps and updated them as well.

I also ran my Disk Utility app, got a message saying "This volume was found corrupt and needs to be repaired". I was going to have to boot from the Snow Leopard install disk in order to repair the hard drive.
I called Apple Care, as this was way out of my comfort zone. I was surprised to get live help within just a few minutes. It was Saturday after all, and Lion had only been out 4 days. Chris at Apple Care patiently walked me through the whole process, the disk was repaired successfully!
I downloaded Lion, which took about 20 or 30 minutes. So far I think everything is working just fine with the ScanSnap. I'm able to use Acrobat 8 like before, I scanned to Evernote and to my incoming folder without a problem.
Thanks to everyone on this thread, I would not have attempted this without reading your comments first.

iAPC - July 24, 2011 Reply

Any news about Acrobat 8? I find conflicting information.

stuart - July 23, 2011 Reply

S510m works for me, too. Scans direct to file…too afraid to alter settings to emial or copy and thereby change some setting that doesn't work and "poison the well." Won't look gift-horse in the mouth until some formal announcement or "fix"

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 23, 2011 Reply

    Great to hear about the S510M. You're right- definitely do not mess with success.

Don - July 23, 2011 Reply

I am using an S1500M. Neat has been steadily updating their software to work nicely with this scanner. I installed Lion and updated the Fujitsu driver as indicated. When I scan to NeatWorks most everything seems to work, but all my receipts scan as documents now. I need to change them to Receipts and perform a "reanalyze" and it works fine. Seems as if that might be a NeatWorks problem. I will keep researching.

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 23, 2011 Reply

    Thanks Don, I think I should do a Neat post anyways.

Patrick - July 22, 2011 Reply

I installed Lion yesterday, and I can still scan with my ScanSnap S510M, and OCR with the Abby FineReader Express that came with it!

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 22, 2011 Reply

    Awesome thanks Patrick. How about Acrobat 8? Do you use that?

Tom - July 21, 2011 Reply


from what I can tell, everything runs smoothly, both the scanning itself and the OCR.

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 21, 2011 Reply

    Great news, thanks Tom!

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