Prepare Your ScanSnap For Mac OSX Lion

Prepare Your ScanSnap For Mac OSX Lion

ScanSnap OSX Lion

If you have a Fujitsu ScanSnap and are thinking of upgrading to Mac OSX Lion (10.7) which is due sometime in July, you will want to take steps to prepare yourself.

The good news is that it appears that Fujitsu is on top of it (you may remember the ScanSnap Snow Leopard fun from last time).

If you have a newer ScanSnap, you are in luck. A Lion update is already available.  Older models will have to wait until August.

To check the status, here is a link to a global compatibility site.

ScanSnap S1500, S1500M, S1300, S1100

If you have one of these newer models, you can do an online update to upgrade your ScanSnap Manager to V3.2L20.

There are instructions here but basically, you do this:

  • Make sure ScanSnap Manager is running
  • Go to Help > Online Update
  • Follow the instructions

ScanSnap Lion Update

If for whatever reason you want to manually download the drivers, you can do so here.

ScanSnap S510M, S300M

Drivers are not available yet, but Fujitsu says they’ll be ready in the beginning of August

Update: Fujitsu has released the Lion drivers for the ScanSnap S300M, S510M, S500M, fi-5110EOXM. You can download them here.


If you use the business card software that comes with the ScanSnap, it will not work in Lion. It will apparently be ready by the end of August.

Update 9/19/2011: Fujitsu has released an update for CardIris. You can download it here.

Adobe Acrobat

I haven’t been able to find anything that confirms that Adobe Acrobat 8 is incompatible with Lion. Here is what Fujitsu says this on the Lion page:

Adobe Acrobat
Please refer to the Adobe Systems website regarding the compatibility status of the Adobe Acrobat bundled with ScanSnap S1500 for Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion). For information related to purchasing Adobe® Acrobat® X Pro, please refer to Adobe Acrobat at the following website.

The fact that they are pointing people to pay to upgrade to Acrobat X is probably not a good sign. I can see some people getting upset about this one.

I’ll update this post as more information becomes available.  If you have tried the ScanSnap on Lion, let us know how it is going (if that doesn’t break your NDA).

About the Author

Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless. He's been an accountant, a software developer, a manager in a very large corporation, and has run DocumentSnap since 2008. You can find Brooks on Twitter at @documentsnap or @brooksduncan. Thanks for stopping by.

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Chris - February 12, 2012 Reply

anyone know if the acrobat 9 pro problems have been resloved yet with the Lion upgrade to 10.7.3 I'm building my mac system now but don't want Lion unless the problems are resolved …otherwise is Snow Leopard stable?

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - February 13, 2012 Reply

    What problems are there? I hadn't heard of anything specific.

      Chris - February 14, 2012 Reply

      from what I've been reading online Acrobat 9 Pro worked fine with Lion 10.7.1 then after upgrading from there, many are experiences issues such as: (cut and paste description below)
      "I just installed this software on my new iMac i7 running Lion 10.7.1 and it works fine. I started with the original Adobe Disc 9.0 and did sequential upgrades until Ver. 9.3. From that point on, I used the Check for updates in the Help pull down and it auto installed 9.4.6 and I have yet to come across any problems. I'm sure that I don't use all of the functionality of Acrobat Pro, but it seems to work for the basics and markups, redaction, etc."

      EDIT: * ClearScan does not work if you update Lion to version 10.7.2. It is unlikely that Adobe will fix this issue, and instead insists you upgrade to Acrobat X. *

      also being reported are printing errors such as:
      same thing, problems seem to pop up after updating from the original version of Lion.

      Can others confirm and let me know if it is a problem, whether any fixes in 10.7.3 update?

BillH - November 14, 2011 Reply

Have Lion 10.7.2 with Acrobat Pro 8.3.1 already installed and working fine. Looking to buy S1500M, but don't want to get stuck with a $400+ gotcha. What's the real verdict?

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - November 15, 2011 Reply

    I don't think you are going to be disappointed with the S1500M, but owners with it on Lion feel free to chime in.

      Rizal - March 19, 2012 Reply

      S1500M worked flawlessly pre-SL & Lion. Post-Lion, i cannot scan to word to edit my text. Arghh!!!

tvuolo - October 28, 2011 Reply

Hmm… I'm getting a few scans, then ScanSnap Manager locks up. I have to force quit and launch it again. Version 3.2 L41 on OSX 7.1 using a ScanSnap 1500M. I'm scanning to Yep 2.1.0.

I love my ScanSnap, but it's kind of a pain having to force quit and re-launch every few minutes.

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - October 28, 2011 Reply

    Yikes, haven't heard of that one before. I wonder if anyone else is having similar problems?

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PCSoprano - September 27, 2011 Reply

I can't install the update. The original CardIris application is Power PC. When I try to install the update, I keep getting a message that I can't because the original app is not on my computer. It is on my computer but the update is not recognizing it – I assume because it is Power PC?

Charles - August 13, 2011 Reply

I updated my Scan Snap 1500 but I can't make it work with OSX Lion. Can you help?

convergent - July 29, 2011 Reply

I have not fully tested it, but I am able to open Adobe Acrobat Pro that came with my S510 ScanSnap and create a document… don't see any problems with it so far, but its a complex application so time will tell.

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 29, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the report!

AlanNYC - July 21, 2011 Reply

Did you guys if Adobe Professional 8 that cam with Scansnap will work with LIon?

    AlanNYC - July 21, 2011 Reply

    I meant to say: Do you guys know if Adobe Professional 8 that came with the Scansnap scanner will work with Lion?

      Brooks Duncan
      Brooks Duncan - July 22, 2011 Reply

      According to this page on RoaringApps ( it is marked as "Works Fine". I did have someone's Google search for "Acrobat professional 8 will not print in mac lion" wind up here, but I haven't specifically heard one way or the other.

Lion - Already Using the ScanSnap - July 13, 2011 Reply

By the way. I’ve been using a ScanSnap S500M with 10.7 GM using the following driver: 3.1 L14 for a week now; works the same as it did under 10.6.

10.7 looks for a number of applications to be a smoother upgrade than the 10.5 -> 10.6 process.

    Lion - Already Using the ScanSnap - July 13, 2011 Reply

    Driver V3.2 L20 works fine with the S500M under 10.7.

Ann - July 7, 2011 Reply

Thanks for posting this Brooks. I have the S510M and remember the Snow Leopard debacle very well. As for my copy of Acrobat Pro 8, guess it will retire, I wont be paying $199.00 to "upgrade". I'm thinking PDF Pro 5 at $99.00 is a much better choice, and I wont have to worry about those scary security issues with Adobe.

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - July 8, 2011 Reply

    Great point about PDFPen Pro as an alternative. I'll be sure to mention that once we know for sure what the status of Acrobat 8 is. Thanks Ann!

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