What To Do When ScanSnap Manager Has Grayed Out Profile Options

What To Do When ScanSnap Manager Has Grayed Out Profile Options

One of the most efficient ways to use ScanSnap Manager is to set up different Profiles for different scanning scenarios.

For example, in my ScanSnap workflow series I talk about how I set up four different Profiles.

One problem that a lot of people run into (and I have received questions on), is what to do when you can’t get to the Profile options in ScanSnap Manager. What do you do when those options are grayed out?


It’s quite simple. Fujitsu decided to enable the Quick Menu by default, and that is what is messing you up. Here is what you do.

  • Right click on the ScanSnap Manager icon in the system tray (Windows) or the dock (Mac)
  • You will probably find that “Use Quick Menu” is checked.
  • Click on that option to uncheck it, and then your profile settings should be enabled.


That should do it!

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Rhiannon Redding - January 6, 2017 Reply

My ScanSnap s1300i came with the quick menu automatically. Today I needed to scan simplex file and it’s completely removed my quick menu options. My ability to check the quick menu button doesn’t exist because it’s grayed out. I prefer the quick menu – can you help me get it back?

buder12 - January 4, 2017 Reply

Hi there – “insert a page” is still greyed out in Scansnap Organizer Viewer. I am using Windows 7 with a ix100.

Thank you for the this awesome blog!!!

    David I - November 12, 2017 Reply

    I was also having problems with the option to “Insert Page” in the ScanSnap Organizer Viewer.
    Fixed it by going to the bottom right edge of the Viewer and selecting either the “Show All” or “Show Pages Panel” option.

Carol - December 19, 2011 Reply

Really helpful — I'm a new ScanSnap user. Your post and these comments have really helped!

    Brooks Duncan - December 19, 2011 Reply

    Glad to hear, thanks for letting me know!

asdf - November 27, 2009 Reply

I don't have quickmenu..now what

    Jonathan - October 12, 2010 Reply

    If the "Use Quick Menu" item isn't displayed, go to "Settings" and uncheck the "Use Quick Menu" checkbox from there.

      Brooks Duncan - October 27, 2010 Reply

      Thanks Jonathan. This post is a little out of date so I should update it. I appreciate your comment!

Nitin Badjatia - January 15, 2009 Reply

Thanks for the link!

Brooks Duncan - January 15, 2009 Reply

Hi, I have never done this but there is a long thread at MacOSXHints about using Windows ScanSnaps on the Mac. Maybe it can help?


The title is about an older model, but it talks about many of them. I'd start from the last page and work your way back.

Sorry I don't have personal experience running the Windows ScanSnap on the Mac, but maybe that thread will help.

Nitin Badjatia - January 15, 2009 Reply


Thanks for the insight. That resolved one problem, but I still can't get the Mac version of ScanSnap to let me 'Apply' changes or create a new profile. Do you have any idea why that may be?

I have an S510 for which I downloaded the S510M drivers from the Fujitsu Japanese website. Everything else works as a charm, I just can't change the application the scanner is to use.

I'd like to be able to use 'Evernote' as one of you later posts discusses, so it would be nice to figure out a way to fix this.



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