Use Adobe Acrobat To Create A Digital Signature Stamp

Use Adobe Acrobat To Create A Digital Signature Stamp

Once you’ve started down the road to going paperless, one of the last reasons that you find yourself needing to print is when you need to sign something.

You’ve probably been there: you receive a PDF form that you need to sign, you then print it out, sign it, scan it back in, and email it back. Annoying.

Ernie the Attorney over at PDF For Lawyers has a very thorough tutorial for creating a digital signature stamp. He does it with a ScanSnap S1500M, Adobe Acrobat, and an image manipulator.

You can, of course, do this with any scanner, and if you are on the Mac you can use PDFPen as well.

Check out his blog post for a really helpful video that takes you through the entire process.

Do you sign documents with a digital signature stamp? If you have any tips and tricks, leave them in the comments.

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