Video: What Is TWAIN, And Do You Need it?

Video: What Is TWAIN, And Do You Need it?

Mark TwainWhen you’re researching scanners, sometimes you will see that this or that scanner does or does not support something called TWAIN.

Good to know, but what on earth does that actually mean?

It turns out that TWAIN does not actually stand for anything (ah, computer geeks), but you don’t care about that anyways. All you care about is whether or not you need it.

This video will take you through what TWAIN means, and when you do and do not need to worry about it.

View the video below, or click here to watch it on YouTube. If you are able to, I recommend that you watch it with HD turned on.

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This video on TWAIN is part of a series of quick videos on paperless tips and topics. View more in the series here.

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Jeanne - July 20, 2019 Reply

Hi Brooks. I’m still confused as to whether I need to have TWAIN, or want TWAIN, etc. My Epson printer gives me the option as to whether or not I want to enable TWAIN, but no one actually explains why one would or would not want to enable it.

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