Paper Misfeed Problems With Your ScanSnap? It Might Be Your Consumables

Paper Misfeed Problems With Your ScanSnap? It Might Be Your Consumables

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While the Fujitsu ScanSnap might be super-easy to use with only one button, there is a lot going under the hood to make it work that way. When you have problems like paper jams or more than one page getting pulled through, it might be time to replace (or at least clean) your consumables.

What On Earth is a Consumable?

A lot of people don’t know this, but there are a few parts in your ScanSnap that should be replaced every once in a while to make sure that it keeps running in top shape. Consumable is just a fancy word for those parts.

How Do I Know When Its Time To Replace?

The most obvious answer is when you start having problems. If you start getting multiple paper feed problems or paper jams, that’s an alarm.

However, the ScanSnap Manager does tell you when it is getting time to replace two parts in particular: the Pick Roller and the Pad Assembly.

Checking Your Consumables

The screenshots you see here are for the Mac, but it is the same concept with Windows. Just right click on the System Tray instead of the Dock.

First, right-click on ScanSnap Manager (with the ScanSnap open so that it is powered on) and choose Check Consumable Supplies.

Once there, you will be shown some useful information.

This screenshot is from the ScanSnap S300M, so your values may be different. On the left you see the “Target Value to change supplies”. For the S300M, Fujitsu recommends that you change the Pick roller every 100,000 sheets and the Pad Assembly every 10,000 sheets.

On the right, the first box is the total number of pages that this ScanSnap has scanned. The bottom two boxes are the number of scans that have been done since the Pick Roller and the Pad Assembly have been replaced. You can see that I have not yet needed to replace them.

The reset buttons are so that when you do replace a part, you can hit “Reset” to set it back to zero for that new part.

Which Part Do I Need?

The easiest way to find your part is to Google the part number. The prices vary wildly but are not too expensive. Click on the part number to do a Google search to find places in your area that do mail order. You can also ask the place where you bought the ScanSnap too, but I am guessing online is cheaper.

Scanner Model Description Part No. Recommended replacement cycle
ScanSnap S300/S300M Pad Assembly PA03541-0002 10,000 sheets
Pick Roller PA03541-0001 100,000 sheets
ScanSnap S510/S510M Pad Assembly PA03360-0002 50,000 sheets
Pick Roller PA03360-0001 100,000 sheets

Pick and Pad What?

A Pick Roller is what does the pulling into the document feeder. It works with the Pad Assembly to pull the paper in. The Pad Assembly is like the brake pad in your car. It is what separates the pages.
If either the Pick Roller or Pad Assembly are worn down or excessively dirty, you are going to get multiple pages pulled through the ScanSnap.

Cleaning and Replacing The Pick Roller And Pad Assembly

The best way to clean and/or replace the parts is to follow the instructions in the Operator’s Guide. If you can’t find yours, here are links them on Fujitsu’s website. You’ll want to look at Chapter 8 and 9.

How many pages does your ScanSnap’s Total Page Count show?

About the Author

Brooks Duncan helps individuals and small businesses go paperless. He's been an accountant, a software developer, a manager in a very large corporation, and has run DocumentSnap since 2008. You can find Brooks on Twitter at @documentsnap or @brooksduncan. Thanks for stopping by.

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eric - January 28, 2020 Reply

I have the scansnap ix500, It wasn’t feeding correctly, all pages go thru at once, I replaced the rollers and it still does the same thing. What else is their to do

Kevin Barnes - July 4, 2019 Reply

My consumable report reads at just 388 scanned pages. Multiple pages being dragged through each time. It’s just a really poor product.

michael branagan - August 13, 2015 Reply

Issue: Auto loading

Our 1st ScanSnap S500M (mac) worked great, pulling thousands of pages. We’ve been using it to archive old documents. It worked wonderfully! Could not believe it.

But after a software update a few years ago it started to pull several pages together. I tried everything: doing the official fujitsu consumables thing, buy different weights of paper, fanning the paper and cleaning. Nothing worked. Curiously, when I found that the older documents (older paper) loaded 1 page at a time. Switching to newer documents cause the scanner to load multiple sheets simultaneously.

So I kept the S500M and bought a S1500M. Same loading issues as before, except this was a NEW scanner. This is literally a pain in the shoulder, as I have to load one page at a time, my hand hovering over scanner ready to insert the next page.

My conclusion is this is a SOFTWARE issue. Someone should write a patch to fix this!!!

Comments and solutions welcome, please.

Catherine Thomsen - August 5, 2015 Reply

Please help I have the s1300i, and the paper will not go through. Please help

WilliamB - July 25, 2014 Reply

Just purchased SnapScan S1300i – immediately had issues with pages feeding in multiples of 2 or more. Took machine back to seller and swapped it for a new one. The new machine has exactly the same problem. The feeder has not had more than 10 pages in it.

Does anyone know what causes this, is there a trick to it I don’t know about?. The new one is gong back for a refund if there is no solution. Pity, otherwise is a good scanner.

Pretz - July 21, 2013 Reply

My ScanSnap is not pulling the paper in – started slipping a bit but quickly got worse and now won't scan. Thought it might be a consumable issue but has done only 680 pages, so surely not. Anyone else seen this problem in such a relatively new scanner?

    Stockton - September 14, 2013 Reply

    Yes. Feeds past the first set of rollers but not the second set. Even with one page. Any suggestions?

      Krishna - October 25, 2014 Reply

      This is exactly the same problem I am facing – the first set of rollers grab it and pull it a little down but subsequently the paper just sits there since the second set is not latching on. Feedback please? This is an iX500.

    Vickie Kinsey - January 7, 2015 Reply

    I am having the same problem – it will not pull the paper in unless I help it have only scanned 1800 sheets – any suggestions.

Harry - February 21, 2013 Reply

I have an FI-5110 and I've been having the same problems – paper jams and/or multipage feeds. I got my ScanSnap from a friend who purchased a newer model, and she had already replaced the Pad and Roller. I wasn't aware of this mysterious "Consumable" count and purchased another set – only to discover that there are only 1892 counts on each of the new devices!

Anyway, I just removed and cleaned the roller – no luck.

I compared the new pad assy to the old(er) one, and they look the same. Since I already had a replacement, I decided to try pulling the V on the pad assy further open. When you look at the pad installed inside the open cover it's like an upside down V. I pulled the open end of the V out a little, to the point where it (when released) was about "level" with the edge of the gray plastic guide, maybe a little further. Don't pull it too far or you'll risk snapping the piece off! When you try to close the cover, it won't work – the newly open V jams into the flap covering the roller. Pressed the V in gently until the cover cal close.

First I try; I fed 9 pages through without a problem. Before, I got multipage feeds on page 4 or 5.

Second, I fed 25 pages through. I got a multipage feed on page 22.

Third, I tried feeding the same 25 pages through using the new Pad Assy – multipage feed on page 19.

Fourth, I remembered that you're supposed to stack the pages in a "step-like pattern" (p49 in manual for the FI-5110). Fed the same 25 through with the new assy – no problems. All 25 scanned in perfectly.

Fifth, I re-inserted the old(er) assy, used a "step-like pattern", and no problems! All 25 pages fed through perfectly.

So, what I think is happening is that, even if you don't have that many pages fed through the scanner, the "V" in the Pad Assy get's "tired" or is used to feeding larger stacks through, and just can't control smaller or different size stacks anymore.

And/or, we're forgetting to not feed the pages in immediate after aligning all the pages by bouncing the edges on a table.

So, try opening the V on your pad assy and making sure step the pages before feeding, even the smaller stacks, and see what your results are.

NOTE: Needless to say, trying the above is at your own risk. The opening of the V is NOT something I found in the manual – it's something I tried knowing I could possibly break the Pad, but also knowing I had s spare on hand. Don't try it unless you're willing to risk the same. I got my new one (now a spare) for about $15.00, including shipping, on eBay.

John - January 25, 2013 Reply

I have a S1500. Paper jams every time after the first few pages. I have replaced the roller and pick assembly but the problem persists. When it jams, it is always that the right side of paper gets stuck and the left side gets pushed out. I wonder whether it has anything to do with the four small rubber rollers. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

steve - January 11, 2012 Reply

That was a snapscan s510.

steve - January 11, 2012 Reply

Scanner with only 628 total scans.
Looks new and clean.
Scans well for two or three sheets then takes in multiple sheets at once, 5 or more.
I do not overfeed intake. Problem happens same with only
5 or 10 sheets in scanner.
Have cleaned rollers, etc.
Still no luck.
ANy ideas?????

    Brooks Duncan - January 20, 2012 Reply

    Wow, that definitely sounds like way too few scans to be having that problem. Normally I'd say it is a problem with the pick roller or the pad assy, which you can replace. ( but it may be worth hitting up ScanSnap support to see what they have to say.

Yes - May 1, 2011 Reply

It could be a poor contact in the paper sensor – insert/remove (do not scan) a stack of about 10-20 sheets into the chute of ADF with ADF closed. Or, depress and release the sensor arm by hand.

    Brooks Duncan - May 1, 2011 Reply

    Great tip, thanks!

Kristin - September 9, 2010 Reply

Has anyone had a problem with the S1300 not detecting a piece of paper in the feeder? I've got a brand new one here at work; the first 25 pages it worked fine but suddenly refuses to recognize that there is anything in the feeder. I've checked everything out and the rollers, etc. all look to be fine. I have an S300 at home that has done 80,000+ sheets and never a problem, so I don't think it's me… Any thoughts before I consider shipping it back for a replacement?

Beatriz - May 14, 2010 Reply

Scansnap paper jam in the eject rollers – scanner ate Costco receipts and left strips of it jammed in the eject rollers – need help – How can I makje these roller roll backwards or how can I lossen these roller so I can remove the pieces of paper jammed in there.
Thanks for any help you can provide. Beatriz

    GCrawford - August 17, 2011 Reply

    Help! I have the same problem this morning. Does anyone know if the roller can roll backwards. The receipt is really wound and crumpled under the wheel. I can't pull it out without destroying the receipt.

creekview_al - March 4, 2009 Reply


States that isopropyl alcohol may be used in lieu of F1, but it is not the same formula. Price grabber prices for F1 cleaner are in the range of $22-24/ liter, delivered.

ben barlow - January 29, 2009 Reply

Thanks, Brooks. I went searching on the Internet to find what Cleaner F1 actually is, and found that it is isopropyl alcohol.

(Page 5-11 of a doc at:
) Don't know why I couldn't copy the text. Although the manual is from 1997, there are some tips there about preparing paper to scan without mis/double feeds.


Brooks Duncan - January 29, 2009 Reply

@ben Honestly I am not sure what works other than the "official" Fujitsu cleaner. Their cleaning instructions say don't use water or detergent and to use the Fujisu F1 Cleaner.

I haven't tried either myself so I can't give a recommendation yet one way or the other. Has anyone had any success just using a damp cloth to clean it or something?

    Nathan Davis - June 11, 2012 Reply

    Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 91% or above.

    I was told by a client who has a copy company.

      Brooks Duncan - June 11, 2012 Reply

      Awesome thanks Nathan! <p style=”color: #A0A0A8;”>

ben barlow - January 25, 2009 Reply

Brooks, what sort of cleaner works on the consumables (other than the Fujitsu-supplied cleaner? Optionally, where can I find that stuff?


Brooks Duncan - October 16, 2008 Reply

Wow, 5,031. You're destroying me. I'd better get scanning!

Becky Wiseman - October 16, 2008 Reply

Thanks for the reminder. I haven't had any problems yet, and still love it. Have only had the scanner for a little over 3 weeks but have scanned 5,031 pages so far. The ScanSnap Manager screen is a little different in Windows but has the same information.

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