Launch ScanSnap Manager When The Lid Is Lifted

Launch ScanSnap Manager When The Lid Is Lifted

ScanSnap Keyboard MaestroKeyboard Maestro is one of those pieces of Mac software that I use, but I don’t even come close to taking advantage of all the power that it has to offer.

I was pretty excited to see this insanely clever tip from Katie Floyd. She uses Keyboard Maestro’s USB device drigger functionality to automatically launch ScanSnap Manager when the ScanSnap cover is lifted.

How clever is that?

I’m with Katie on this:

I don’t like having applications running unnecessarily. Previously, I’d manually launch and quit the ScanSnap software when I was ready to start scanning, but I found a better way.

So great. Not sure if this tip alone is worth going out and buying Keyboard Maestro, but it gives you an idea of the types of non-obvious things you can do with it.

Speaking of the ScanSnap, I just saw that they are having another one of their promotions.

If you buy an ScanSnap iX500 or a ScanSnap S1300i in September, you can receive a free year of Evernote Premium. Not bad. Sadly, this is only open to United States residents. You guys get everything down there.

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Luke - July 8, 2019 Reply


Can you please update your articles that have dead links? I was really looking forward to Katie Floyd’s Keyboard Maestro technique for launching ScanSnap Manager but it appears her entire website is no longer available.

Thank you,


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