FineReader Mac Update For ScanSnap Works For Older ScanSnaps Too

FineReader Mac Update For ScanSnap Works For Older ScanSnaps Too

File this post under the “I will probably regret posting this” category.

I had a tip from DocumentSnap reader Hamad that was too helpful not to share.

Remember back in November 2009, Fujitsu had to release an update for Abbyy FineReader because it was having problems with Mac OSX Snow Leopard?

According to the website, it is an update for the ScanSnap S1500M and S510M.

However, it turns out that this version of FineReader works for even old-school ScanSnaps too. For example, I’ve even had reports of it working with a ScanSnap fi-5110EOXM from 2005!

It seems that, as long as the PDF is created by a ScanSnap (any Mac ScanSnap), it will work.

So, if you are running Snow Leopard and have an older ScanSnap, give it a try. It will probably work for you too. If you’re using something other than an S1500M or S510M and it works, drop us a comment and let us know.

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tjcarter - May 7, 2010 Reply

I'll give you one better for the Mac, BrooksD!

Install current ScanSnap Manager 2.x for ScanSnap S300M. Install current ScanSnap Manager for S1500/S1500M. Lo and behold, both ScanSnaps work on the same Mac now, using current ScanSnap Manager. Fail to install the 2.x version for the S300M first and it'll crash out with an error using the S300M. Installing the 2.x software means you need to redo the default profiles if you want them. I never did, so I don't care.

    Brooks Duncan - May 7, 2010 Reply

    Awesome tip! Thanks!

    racerx90 - May 8, 2010 Reply

    No need to go through all this trouble. Just download the ScanSnap Manager V3.0 L20W kit from Fujitsu:

    Then download my installer fix patch kit:

    Run my patch kit, drag&drop, the ScanSnap_V30L20W.dmg file into the patch window. My patch kit does the magic for you and (correctly) fixes the installer script. Then mount the dmg file and install ScanSnap Manager V3.0 L20W as you would normally. Also, if you ever need to re-install for any reason, dmg file is patched forever to allow for re-installing at anytime.

    In addition, I have patch kits for *every* version of ScanSnap Manager supporting all scanner types including using Windows (PC)-based ScanSnap scanners on Mac. Also, I've even done some patch kits for some of the more obscure scanners such as the fi-5110C, and I'll add support for more scanners as soon as I can find some reliable beta testers since I don't own any of these scanners.

    You can read about it here:

    There's also instructions for getting Abbyy FineReader automated and configured to work with ScanSnap Manager V3.0 if you didn't install from the original kit in the same thread.

    There's been a couple people working on getting Cardminder translated to English/ported (I can't take all the credit for starting this project), which is also just about completed. I just need a couple of free hours to finish to do up a single-step patch kit to patch the dmg file.

      Brooks Duncan - June 2, 2010 Reply

      I just realized I had never replied to this. Thanks again racerx90 for all that you do with the ScanSnap stuff. You rock!

    Isabella - December 20, 2011 Reply

    Great cmmoon sense here. Wish I\’d thought of that.

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