Creating An Electronic Signature with A Fujitsu ScanSnap

Creating An Electronic Signature with A Fujitsu ScanSnap

Over at Fujitsu’s ScanSnap Community site, they have a helpful tutorial that walks you through how to create a scanned version of your signature for use in emails, documents, etc.

First, sign a blank page. Then scan the page and save it to a JPEG (if you want more info on how to do this, see the how-to on scanning to a JPEG). You will need to change the ScanSnap setting to “Color” scanning and then click the “File Option” tab to save as a JPEG. You may also need to scan at a higher resolution, which in ScanSnap terms means choosing the “Best” field under the “Scanning” tab and “Image Quality” section.

I recommend checking the post out, and also they have a helpful link to how to take it one step further and create a self-signed digital ID.

Electronic Signatures Made Simple! –

Do you use electronic signatures at all?

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