Canadian Cloud Services - Sync and Online Backup

Canadian Cloud Services – Sync and Online Backup

Let’s say for whatever reason ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) you want to store your data in the cloud, but you don’t want it stored in the United States. More specifically you want to (or need to!) store it in Canada. There are Canadian cloud services that will let you do that.

Canadian Cloud Sync Service

If you like the idea of Dropbox but want data stored in Canada, is an option.

Their servers are in Canada, and even better they take a zero-knowledge approach to your data, which means your data is encrypted and the keys are stored with you. They are not able (they say, anyways!) to access your data even if they wanted or were compelled to.

I wrote about Sync here and it is popular with users in the Paperless Document Organization Guide Facebook group.

Canadian Online Backup

This is an area that I don’t have personal experience with, but here are two alternatives:

eazyBackup looks like a good service, and has an impressive client list going by their site. Best of all, their servers are in Saskatoon which seems like a good place to store a backup server. It’s not going to fall into the ocean from an earthquake like where I live. was recommended to me by someone after I gave a talk. She has used it for quite some time and is happy with it. Unfortunately it seems like their LTBackup service is Windows only.

Oh, Canada

If you look at the pricing for these services, you’ll see that they tend to be higher priced than American alternatives, but we Canadians are used to that sort of thing. If you’re serious about wanting your data to stay in Canada, it might be worth paying a bit of a premium.

Do you have other Canadian-only cloud services you like, or services in another country? Leave a comment and let us know.

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I live in BC. I use SnapScan Receipts. What do you recommend for dealing with GST and PST because there is only one column for “Tax”?

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