Using A Fujitsu ScanSnap On A Network

Using A Fujitsu ScanSnap On A Network

Quite unintentionally, this has become a week of updates. Last summer I posted a question asking if anyone has had any luck using a Belkin F5L009 Network USB Hub with their Fujitsu ScanSnap.

There was also a similar thread on Amazon.

I never did get a chance to try it out as my network scanning needs have diminished somewhat, but helpful DocumentSnap reader Yellowshock posted a comment on the original post that I thought I would highlight:

Maybe this post is stale but YES, you can use the F5L009 with the ScanSnap S1500(M) and there are no problems. There is a slight loss of speed, but hardly noticeable.
I use the Belkin F5L009 on a iMac 27″ with Mac OSX 10.6 snow leopard and a Fujitsu Scansnap S1500M.
I also have a Epson Photo flatbed scanner connected, the 1660 photo. Also flawless.

There is a similar response in the Amazon thread.

So, it looks like yes it does work. Does anyone else network their ScanSnap using this or another method? Let us know in the comments in case someone else is looking to do it too.

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Rob Mesler - March 27, 2019 Reply

Did anybody get an s1500 networked. I have it on a TPLink MFP device server which I’ve used before with other products with alot of success. What software is being used though?

john - September 26, 2011 Reply

update: the LINKSKEY LKS-PSU04 4 Port USB Sharing NetServer does not work with fuji scansnap

did not recognize the scanner

sometimes recognizes an epson gt50, but looses major functionality

    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - September 26, 2011 Reply

    Thanks for the report John.

sid - September 7, 2011 Reply

Do you thinks this workds with scansnap in general? So would this method work for me with a S1300? I hava a small home network and would love to share my scanner with all other network clients…!

john - September 6, 2011 Reply

has anybody tried any other USB hub with the scansnap?

the belkin seems to be out of production and i really would love to network the office's 20 fujitsu 1500s

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

i am going to try a couple and will report back


    Brooks Duncan
    Brooks Duncan - September 6, 2011 Reply

    Wow, networking 20 ScanSnaps. Definitely let us know how that goes – I can't wait to hear how it works out.

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