Three Things About David Sparks

Three Things About David Sparks

David SparksI am currently in Italy attending a wedding at a castle. I’d say something like “that’s how I roll”, but who am I kidding? The way “I roll” is usually hanging out in my basement or sitting at Starbucks listening to elderly people argue with each other.

Since I am not in a situation where I can produce my usual brilliant content, I thought I’d point to some things that someone much more brilliant than myself has done recently. That someone is David Sparks from

Paperless 1.2

A few months ago, David released a great ebook called Paperless, which I reviewed here. At the time, it was available only as an iBook for iPad, but it is now available in PDF form.

Recently, Paperless has been updated to Version 1.2 with some great new material added, so check it out. If you have already purchased it, there are instructions to update it. Otherwise, it is definitely worth a read.

PDFpen for iPad Screencast

PDFpen for iPad is an excellent PDF management and editing app for the iPad.

It is easy to use, but if you want to master it, David has produced an absolutely epic PDFpen for iPad screencast.

It is 48 minutes, but tells you everything you would ever want to know about PDFpen for iPad.

Mac Power Users

OK, this is cheating, but there have been two recent episodes of Mac Power Users that I thought were particularly good.

MPU 99 With Marco Arment

I really enjoy the Mac Power Users podcast, the Build and Analyze podcast, and one of my favorite apps is Instapaper. For this reason, I really enjoyed Mac Power Users Episode 99.

It was a great episode, but it got really great when they started talking about how they use their ScanSnap and manage their documents.

In particular, there was an excellent quote from Sparks about being as efficient as possible when processing documents:

You don’t want to have to spend any more time on the input side than absolutely necessary to be able to find it on the output side.

Excellent way to put it.

MPU 100 – Awesome MPU Listeners

For episode 100, they did something different and had a live show that featured the workflows of a bunch of listeners.

There were some great workflows, including a bunch of workflows for managing paper and documents in an academic setting. The application Papers got a lot of love here, so I will have to check that one out.

There was also a good section about using DEVONthink.

I almost dropped my iPhone when awesome DocumentSnap reader and superstar author Michelle Muto came on the show to share her writing workflow. She did a great job. Michelle shared her document management workflow on DocumentSnap if you are interested.

So there you go. Three things about stalking David Sparks. Talk to you when I make it back to Canada.

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