Paperless Consulting And Services

Paperless Consulting And Services

Does This Sound Familiar?

Brooks DuncanLet me know if this sounds about right:

  • The paper in your life is piling up, and it’s hard to find the information that you need, when you need it (even though you tell people you can!).
  • You’ve bought a scanner or have an all-in-one, but after you scan a document, then what do you do with it?
  • So far “getting organized” has meant finding a bigger box or filing cabinet for all your documents, and My Documents on your computer… let’s not even talk about that.

If any of this is sounding strangely familiar, it may be time to figure out how to unclutter and de-stress your life by turning those mountains of paper into an organized, electronic system designed specifically for you.

Customized Paperless Workflow

You either don’t want to waste time Googling around, or you haven’t yet found something that works for you and your specific circumstances. No problem.

We’ll work together one on one and figure out what is the best solution for you.

We’ll figure out what kind of documents you have coming in, where they are coming from, and a super easy way for you to find them when you need them.

Also, we’ll design a process that works for you so that you will actually stick to it, and it just becomes a regular part of your routine.

It may be that you already have all the software and hardware you need to go paperless. If not, I’ll provide you with targeted recommendations for you so that you know exactly what you may need (and what you don’t).

Here’s How It Works

  • If you have questions about going paperless, an up to one hour Paperless Power Session is for you.
  • Purchase a session here, and you will be sent to my online calendar where you can schedule our session.
  • I’ll send you an advance questionnaire so that I can do my homework and we can hit the ground running. If you don’t have time for that, not a problem. We can cover it on the call.
  • You’ll get a summary of what we talked about with action items/resources to move forward.

Book your Paperless Power Session for a payment of $297 USD.


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