The Top 10 Paperless Posts Of 2014

So I’m walking through my neighbourhood forest (this is Canada after all) home from dropping off my kids at school and I’m thinking to myself “I wonder which DocumentSnap posts from 2014 were the most popular?” Then I realized “I don’t need to wonder. I can just look this up.” Isn’t technology wonderful? I know […]

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PDFpen 7

When I am working with PDFs and doing something beyond just viewing and simple manipulation, the application I use on my Mac is PDFpen. I’ve been using it for years. Smile just came out with PDFpen 7, and it has some nice updates and a few cool new features. (By the way Windows folks: PDFpen […]

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Clean Computer Calendar

A Plan For Organizing Your Computer

So apparently January is “Clean Your Computer Month”. I don’t know about that, but the new year is as good of a time as any to get your digital files sorted out. I don’t normally share this sort of thing, but the folks at SingleHop sent me their “Clean Computer Calendar” which is a 3 […]

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Reader Story: 25 Bags Of Shredded Paper

One of my favourite things is hearing from you about your going paperless projects. Awesome DocumentSnap reader Jay in Phoenix went above and beyond the call of duty and shared pictures of the aftermath of his. Here’s what he wrote: So I’m trying to scan all of my boxed up papers from WAY back. One […]

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The 2014 Survey Results Are In

At the end of each year I do a survey of DocumentSnap readers just like you. Actually I do two surveys: one for the blog (which you are reading now) and one for readers of the DocumentSnap newsletter. In the surveys, I ask four main questions: What is the biggest problem that you have right […]

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A Filing System That Keeps You Motivated

In October 2014 I had the pleasure of speaking at the SimpleREV conference, and I was lucky enough to speak right before David Delp. I say lucky because by the end of his talk he had us all a) dedicating ourself to our most important goals and b) singing. Thank God I didn’t have to […]

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The Productivity Show On Going Paperless

I’m a big podcast listener and was happy to hear that the folks at Asian Efficiency were starting a new podcast called The Productivity Show. I was even happier when they asked me if I’d be a guest, so here’s my episode: The Productivity Show, Episode 7: Going Paperless w/ Brooks Duncan. I had a […]

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A Cautionary Tale About Your Digital Afterlife

Recently I posted a cheery blog post called Going Paperless And Your Digital Afterlife. At the risk of being obnoxious and quoting myself: Have you ever thought about what will happen to your digital accounts and assets if you get hit by a bus tomorrow? Will someone be able to get to your email? What […]

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Create Evernote Templates With Copy To Notebook

I receive a lot of requests from people wanting to create Evernote templates. They have recurring notes that need to be a certain structure, and don’t want to have to retype them over and over again. This tip is stolen from Aaron Lynn on the journaling episode of The Productivity Show. He talks about how […]

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Bulk Rename Existing Documents

I have said over and over that having a naming convention for your files is the biggest thing you can do to be able to find your paperless documents when you need them. The best way (in my opinion) to approach this is to start with your new files coming in. Get your workflow sorted, […]

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