Pixily Changes Names - Is Now OfficeDrop

Pixily Changes Names – Is Now OfficeDrop

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We’ve written a few times here on DocumentSnap about Pixily, a document management and scanning service that will let you physically send your paper documents and upload them to their service, and then securely manage the scanned files online.

We’ve just gotten word that they have changed their name to OfficeDrop. Why did they change it?

We decided to change our name because we found that customers were having problems spelling and remembering the Pixily name. Additionally, we wanted to find a label that helps potential customers understand what we do. We are obviously very attached to the Pixily brand, so this name change is not something that we took lightly. If you are curious, we will be posting articles on our blog talking about how we came up with OfficeDrop and the process we went through to find a new name.

As of now, not much else is changing other than the name. All web addresses should redirect, but if you run into any problems, email them at support@officedrop.com or phone them at 1-888-674-6493.

What do you think of the new name? Is OfficeDrop better/worse/indifferent than Pixily?

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judas - March 4, 2010 Reply

I think the new name it's a lot better. Reminded me of an article I read from former mint.com owner:


Healy Jones - February 22, 2010 Reply

Thanks for noticing the name change! We hope this new name will be easier to remember and help potential customers understand what we do more easily… But other than that there aren't going to be any other changes. Although we also have some integration partnerships coming out in the very near future too.
Healy Jones
Head of Marketing, OfficeDrop

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