Pixily Provides Storage Online and via USB, DVD, or Hard Drive

Pixily Provides Storage Online and via USB, DVD, or Hard Drive


We have written about Pixily before. They’re a document scanning, digitization, and management service.

They recently did an interesting blog post where they outline some of the other options they have for storing the data you send them.

Normally, when you send services like this your documents, receipts, etc., they are stored online. However, when you have a lot of data (or don’t feel comfortable leaving your information only on a third party service), you can request your data be put on DVD, USB sticks, or even a hard drive.

When you sign up with Pixily document scanning service, we give you options as to where your data can be stored. In addition to online data storage, Pixily provides data storage in the form of DVDs, USB memory sticks, and external hard drives. Options are great, but you may be wondering which one is right for you. Size, price, and storage methods will determine the best storage medium.

The blog post does a good job outlining the options. Here is the pricing:


Anyone out there use these types of services like Pixily? Do you keep everything online, or do you prefer to have the data sent to you too?

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