iPads and Fighter Pilots

iPads and Fighter Pilots

F-5 TigerI’ve written before about the way that tablets are changing the way that pilots access information in-flight, but Federico over at MacStories has taken it to the next level.

He has an interview with Erik Hess, a US Navy fighter pilot: iPad in Real Life: Erik Hess, F–5N Tiger II Pilot.

It’s a fascinating read and shows how tablets are showing up in the most unexpected places. It also shows what a difference form factor makes. He found the iPad a bit too big, but the iPad mini is perfect.

As you can see, it’s just about exactly the same size as our standard approach plates, but a whole lot easier to use. I don’t need a light to illuminate it at night, and I never have to unclip it to flip a page. Rather than just a few states’ worth of information, I’ve got all publications for all states at my fingertips with just a swipe, which cuts down on the amount of paper I have to lug with me in the tiny F–5 cockpit.

If you are interested in technology, aviation, or fascinating paperless projects, definitely give the article a read.

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