When You Have To Print, Print Smart

When You Have To Print, Print Smart

As much as we try to move towards a paperless workflow, there are going to be times where we just have to print something out.

Lifehacker‘s Gina Trapani is doing double duty and writing for PC World (I didn’t know she was doing that).

She wrote a great article called 20 Tech Habits To Improve Your Life. Aside from great tips on telecommuting, backing up, keyboard shortcuts, and other Lifehacker-y topics, tip #20 is “Print Smart To Reduce Costs”.

Some of Gina’s printing tips are:

  • Always preview before you print
  • When possible, shrink down to a few pages
  • If you only need 2 pages out of 20, just print those 2 pages
  • If possible, set your printer to Draft mode unless you really need high quality
  • Do double sided and multiple pages on one sheet
  • Use the Aardvark Firefox plugin to get rid of things on a web page that you don’t want to print

A lot of the tips are pretty common sense, but the Aardvark one was new to me. I’ll be installing that one for sure.

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