What Is Up With The Green Checkmarks?

What Is Up With The Green Checkmarks?

We all know that staying up to date with software is generally important, but sometimes it can have unexpected side effects.

Recently, a whole bunch of people started getting green checkmarks beside their document icons. For example, if you had a Word document, when you looked at it in Windows Explorer there would be a green checkmark on the icon.

Support forums flooded with questions- What is going on? Do I have a virus? How do I get rid of it? What is up with the green checkmarks?!

Well, it turns out that the culprit is one of our favorite backup utilities, Mozy.

An update was released that added a feature (annoying to some), where there is a red exclamation point beside the icon of a file if it needs to be backed up, which changes to a green checkmark once the operation is successful.

I can see the reason for doing this, but if you want to get rid of it, here is what you need to do:

  • Click on the Mozy icon in the system tray (the lower right corner of your screen)
  • Choose Configure
  • Go to the Options tab
  • Check “Disable icon overlays in Windows Explorer”
  • Hit Save

There you go, check marks should be gone.

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Joe Bryant - November 8, 2011 Reply

I have this pesky green check mark when I email a word document. And I don't have mozy on my computer. Any ideas email me at joebryant714@gmail.com


Alec Reynolds - November 11, 2008 Reply

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