What Does A Dying Hard Drive Sound Like?

What Does A Dying Hard Drive Sound Like?

So you think your hard drive is on its last legs.

You’re no computer genius, but you know enough to know that the sound your computer is making? It’s not supposed to sound like that.

The first thing you need to do of course is backup your data, but how do you know how bad the sound really is?

The data recovery company Datacent has a page with hard drive sounds that I find way too entertaining.

For each brand of hard drive, you can click the play button and listen to the various sounds that a dying hard drive makes. Then you can click into the manufacturer to get more information on all the problems that brand can have.

Seagate sounds

So, if you ever want to hear what a Seagate “nasty drilling noise” sounds like, now you can know before finding out the hard way.

(Photo by jon_a_ross)

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